Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[blogfocus tuesday] lad, lass, lad, lass, lad ...

The correct choice of beer before entering the cricket ground is critical. A fan ponders.

The beginning of this Blogfocus could have been called focus-on-food but the actual theme is 50-50, with one lad, one lass, one lad and so on. I don’t know so many female bloggers but we made eight and drew lots for the eight males. A little note – all links are in yellow but all other colours are highlighting only. Anyway, without further ado, here it is and hope you enjoy it:

The cricket is first up - Four and a Half Days at the Gabbatoir - The Sequel, by Colin Campbell and what I want to know is what a Scot’s doing following cricket [or is that my ignorance]? Not that I’m complaining or anything like … not any way:

The hype has been dissipated and normality has been restored. Andrew Miller dissects the Execution in the Gabbatoir … At least the beer is cold, the weather warm and sunny and although the Barmy Army Trumpeter has been banned in Adelaide, [he’s] welcome in Melbourne and Sydney. Life goes on.

Welshcakes limoncello issues us all un invito a pranzo - an unexpected invitation to lunch with Marco and Giovanna today.

Here are trays of Giovanna's wonderful breads [in the photograph]. It doesn’t end there – the page is full of dainty morsels from Sicily, so if you’re a cosmopolitan gourmet, this is for you.

7 more lads and 7 more lasses here ...


  1. Well. "thank you, sir", she said. I am glad to have my obscurity nourished!

  2. But what I want is to be nourished by some of your tasty morsels.

  3. Wow somebody noticed me !!! Demure , well I don`t know about that!!!Maybe you`re right

    This blog is nice and festive and a bit awe inspiring. Great picture .I`ll have a nosey while I `m here


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