Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[presidency] cheney says hillary could do it

Dick Cheney will soon have to meet his Maker to explain all he has done but one thing no one doubts is his shrewdness as a political operator. When he said on Tuesday he thought Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton could win the White House in 2008 and that a potential Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, was too inexperienced, he was quite appreciative of his enemies, a dangerous trait. And after all, he is in the Club which pre-decides such things. "I think she could win. I hope she doesn't. I disagree with her on nearly all the issues, but nobody should underestimate her. She's a very serious candidate for president." Cheney himself wasn’t interested. "I made my decision a long time ago, and it's firm, final, fixed, irrevocable". Natch. He has other pots to stir.

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Quinlan said...

What the Dems need is someone like John Conyers — in my humble opinion.
Obama is indeed young...