Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saturday [16 till close of play]

(1733) Evening all.

19.  Sweet Bird

18.  Maybe we can conclude this evening on a lighter note than this

… maybe in Sat 19. In this item though, you’ll get the idea soon enough:

Surrey police apparently were the miscreants. Where do we even start … everything was wrong, from the three time ramming by the plod car to the utter lying online by Surrey police later, playing it down and the Met rushing out a statement that it was nowt to do with them.

A word like inhumane hardly gets to the point, the complete lack of any compassion, humanity … but it’s not just this heifer … it was the entire plandemic from October 2019, earlier … it was even in the chopping of the tree in Sycamore gap, as well as the obvious ones of children tortured to get the elites their drug, it’s the entire death cult, it’s the Chinese torturing dogs to make the meat taste “better”, it’s the sicko rainbow and trans thing with parents aiding and abetting it …

I don’t know what the word is for these people … conscienceless? Inhuman? Monsters? Evil? Satanic?

Do I eat beef? Yes, plus veg. Am I any better than these monsters in the police car? That’s for others to judge.  The word appearing before me now is gratuitous for these things we’re seeing.

17.  Time for some music


  1. MftWC 1

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  4. MftWC 4

    Trump Says Biden is ‘Guilty of Providing Material Support for Terrorism’ |

    Newest Insanity From CNN – It’s a Conspiracy Theory to Say That America is a Republic and Not a Democracy (Video) |

    House of Representatives Passes Bill for Automatic Military Draft Registration of Young Men Between 18 and 26 |

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    Vaccine-Injured Pharmacist Breaks Down Into Tears Testifying Before Ohio State Senate |

    British-Montengrin Soccer Star Dies Suddenly Aged 26 – Collapsed In His Apartment |

  5. 19 DAD - A lovely start for a Sunday morning (for me).

  6. 18 DAD - What were Surrey Police doing in Feltham. When I lived in Isleworth and Hounslow the town of Feltham was in Middlesex. It certainly was north of the River Thames - (Surry was south of the Thames) - and still is.

    I am confused as well as disgusted at this police action.

    1. JH: There’s a clear disconnect here, DAD, which I’ve not yet seen resolved, nor am up to X yet, shall get to that and look around.


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