Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Wednesday [13 to 16]

(1550) Afternoon all. (1653)

16.  There are many end time decisions sooner or later to be made

… but if things go according to plan, according to the odds, provided, say, I don’t go gaga first, I can see myself blogging like this for … what … another 12 to 15 years … just seems that way … at almost the same pace.

But what if it’s not to be? For example one or more platforms might shut down first or maybe they’ll shut me down or maybe I suddenly croak it … no plans, you can be sure … but what if? 

Today we were speaking of what ifs and what if nothing is in place?  For example, NOdotcom still exists, the domain still exists, it’s just hibernating for now. Jstack is hibernating too. OoL is controlled by Julia. It might surprise but ONO has a ggl plan they’re well aware of, as they wrote it and there’s a named person whose site this becomes if anything happens and if I don’t post for some time. 

The one site you’re aware of which is entirely mine is NOWP, yet I don’t post anything … you readers do.  It would go on for four days but then comments would close.

Clearly, I need to rethink all this and obviously have a co-admin at a minimum … and obviously, that person would need to be onside … one of us so to speak. Also, there are two different functions, n’est-ce-pas? There’s the site admin … then the actual blogging. And would someone be even interested in taking it on, in the sense that Andrew Breitbart continued?

At this point, it’s thoughts, flying kites, seeing if anyone would like to take it over. Also, editorially, my way of blogging ceases when I do and he/she runs it his/her way.

It’s possible that all blogs and X accounts will be snuffed out in 2024/25 … there are many things up in the air.

15.  Foggy

We’re all conscious of the fact that our pavements, sidewalks, pedestrian areas are getting evermore hazardous for pedestrians owing to the ever increasing numbers of mobility scooters, foot or lekky scooters and pedal and lekky bicycles starting to dominate the foot-ways.

14.  Some more

13.  That Unknown commenter earlier

I discovered who it was (one of us curmudgeons) and wish him to remain Unknown so if answering this, readers, pls use the moniker Unknown for now.


  1. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    Julie Kelly: FBI Authorized Use Of Deadly Force During Mar-A-Lago Raid |

    Mike Davis And Steve Bannon Detail The Assassination Attempt On President Trump |

  2. 13. Each animal has a arcade attached and that follows the beast to slaughter and onwards with the carcass to the shop counter. When I was in South America I tried guinea pigs, high in protein and breed like rabbits (low in protein). Expect tagging of pets soon.

  3. On the Grenfell tower, I remember that residents complained about rapidly fluctuating mains voltage, which is a characteristic of a 3-phase system with a broken return connection. The narrative has been diverted on to the cladding that caused the fire to spread, but not on the possibly faulty mains wiring that could be what caused the fire in the first place.


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