Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday [1]

(0332) Morning all … tavern patrons, drop-in commenters, occasional readers … the Higham has awoken and it ain’t a pretty sight but essentially, he’s fine, in good nick after a nice sleep. 

As I’ve just had to explain, quite rightly needed to as well … if I go incommunicado mid to late evening, there’s a logic behind this … look at the time mentioned above. So if I’m going to be starting the working day around 0430 to 0600 almost everyday, while watching the sunrise, then at the other end of the day, an ageing codger like me is going to start zonking sometime mid evening, right?

Trouble is, the tavern does its best business then, mid evening, when I’m fast asleep, and there’s no barmaid to woman the pump while I kip down … thus I go into N.O. comments second in the morn after private correspondence and see this sort of thing waiting to click through:

…in the moderation queue (line). 

Not good business practice on my part as tavern keeper, I know, but at least safer for the blog … sorry, good patrons, but you can just serve yourselves drinks while I’m out like a light … on a trust basis dontchaknow!

How much is this zonking mid-evening an affectation and how much a real thing? 

I can tell you it’s quite real, which is why I no longer drive or cycle. Essentially, if I’m controlled by the HS controlling the bod and if the bod says, “You have ten minutes, chum, to get anything done you have to …” then, dear reader, the Higham does rush off immediately, fro experience, and does the doings, switches off lekky appliances etc., plugs in the ipads … crawls into bed … and it’s lampshade time.

Difference between me at 50 and me at this age? At 50, I could have postponed the Big Zonk, answered all correspondence, calls etc. … but at this age, with this heart disease … that’s no longer an option.

For me, it’s actually a very good thing, coz a good sleep means next day some good correspondence and blogging will happen, health will be good, all will be well, a nice day will be coming up.  

The opposite does not bear thinking about … seriously. If I do not obey the call to sleep … all sorts of health things go wrong next day and everything suffers, inc. the blog. That’s the literal truth.

So … perma-apology, dear reader, but if I fail to reply or click through from around 9 p.m. to maybe 11 p.m. on any day, Brit time, it means I’ve almost suddenly zonked, given my early starts to the day.  I prostrate myself in apple-logs before you but it ain’t gonna change, the ole bod … it’s just going to get older and older.

What’s on the agenda now, early morn?  Sip the coffee (right here beside me), answer each of you, await the dawn, it now being 0357 our time.

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