Thursday, May 23, 2024

Thursday [7 to 11]

(1030) Nice brek had, thinking out loud when to run Andy’s filum ,,, I ‘m thinking that if this is 1030 now, with items to add, have not even been to Gab or X, that 1230 might be a good filum time … it goes for two hours, plus I must train today. (1046) Evets is up at NOWP. Andy’s film in 50 minutes. (1140)

11.  My thoughts about Chelsea FS

I’d vastly prefer a guided tour of your garden/allotment, to see how this has done this season … that over there hasn’t … your plans. I want to know how the strawbs are doing.

10.  Remember that planetary alignment thingy?

This is one case where “community notes” might be useful … to a point:

Readers added a Community Note to a post to which you replied, Liked or reposted
This image is incorrect. This order of planets will be on the 5th, not 3rd June. In addition on 5th the Moon will also be visible along the line. Misinformation. Highlighted here, but use any "planetarium night sky app" like Stellarium to see the correct order.

9.  Bit of a roundup

This one takes some scrutiny to ustd:

(… for slowpokes like me. Think it’s a win.)

8.  MftWC too

a.  Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on May 21, 2024 (Map Update) |

b.  Blinken, sanction ICC. EU fast tracks Ukraine. Klaus searches for successor. Annalena award - Alex Christoforou |

c.  No lies save Kiev from defeat |

d.  Zelensky Asks US Weapons Attack Russia; Neocons Agree; Russia Takes Kleshcheevka, Pincers Close Chasov Yar - Alexander Mercouris |

e.  Could the West prepare false flag operation to militarize its woke aganda? |

f.  No-fly zone over [The] Ukraine, Nuclear exercises in Russia, Middle East, US threatens China again - Levan Gudadze |

g.  Russian army destroyed 30 Ukrainian boats, neutralized dozens of troops in Kherson |

7.  IYE at NOWP


  1. That Malta link doesn't work for me.

    1. Just been over to NOWP where the link is … worked fine for me, was reading the Wail article.


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