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3.  The portrait designed to infuriate the indigenous

The Daily Sceptic first:

Then our reader/commenter Toodles, a lady from the deep south of Alabama, near Gulf Shores ... she lives with blacks here, there and everywhere. As a genuine Christian, she most certainly is not anti-black:
That portrait is a sham (and a shame)!!! So disrespectful to your princess. 

I have several paint-by-number oils at the river. One is of a boat and a boathouse. Another is of a ship on the seas. Somewhere I have stashed away two paintings of ponies frolicking in a meadow.

Painting them was fun (well, for somebody) and took discipline. They also kept children busy for a while on a rainy summer’s day. It was a 1960’s era and maybe 50’s era activity. The quality of those ‘it takes no talent’ paintings far exceed the workmanship of that piece of rubbish done by that woman. 

My silly old child-like pieces would probably garner more $’s at a garage sale (car boot sale) than her putrid and insulting piece depicting Princess* Catherine could ever do. 

My dog could paint better with his tail and he is dead!
While Toodles downplays her own artwork, I can say that the artistic talent of the ladies who grace the N.O. pages, the sense of colour, shade, texture ... well, I'm not mentioning myself in the same breath.

And to add to that, regulars at N.O. know very well I like to go to certain black reactors to music videos because they feel it right here inside, their sense of musical artistry, of soul, is spot on. And you'll notice a black gal presenting in N.O.s Thursday 18 last evening ... why?  Because the gal is sharp, right on the money, honest, learning.

Those reading this ustd well that I'm categorically stating that the Woke insta-reaction to our seething take on the portrait is very complicated ... it is primarily that the work itself is a piece of excrement, deeply disrespectful to the Princess* but my ire, maybe our ire, is directed at whoever thought such a diversity hire was a great way to stick it to the indigenous of the isles, because any criticism whatever was going to be auto-labelled racist.

Aim? To do dirt on both the Princess* (*I'm not using the word Duchess ... pointedly) and on the people she comes from. 

This was deliberate and whoever commissioned it needs investigating and exposing. It may be that we then need to investigate whoever it was who appointed that person etc. This entire thing was signed off by some high-up, like the excrescence of the Chas3 "portrait", plus "artwork" littered about many town centres up and down the country.

At this deeply troubling time in our history, facing the greatest crisis for a hundred years, give or take. 

Someone above is deliberately provoking us to the point we'll turn on the other ethnicities in the way which happened in Rwanda soon after Kissinger had visited for some time, in the way which happened in Darfur shortly after the UN "observers" arrived, in the way which happened in Kosovo shortly after ... in the way which happened in the Ukraine in 2014 and afterwards.


Pedant's note ... yes, I'm aware that it's "to whom", not "to who" ... but overall, it sounded better in that text.

2.  DAD at NOWP

a) The European Greens have been hiring Instagram influencers—from travel vloggers to professional pro-choice activists—to promote their campaign messaging ahead of the elections. 

One video paid for using EU taxpayer funds compares Geert Wilders to Hitler, Giorgia Meloni to Mussolini, Marine Le Pen to Putin, and Viktor Orbán’s Hungary to Nazi Germany.

b) Friday’s court hearing, concerning European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen’s missing Pfizer text messages and suspected conflict of interest, has been postponed until December 6th. This means that the EU chief executive can avoid having to deal with the potential fallout from the case, right before her chance to snatch a second term at the helm of the EU.

c) Socialist Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo told French media she will jump into the River Seine to mark the Olympic Games. According to Le Parisien, she will be joined by Paris police chief Laurent Nuñez for the dive on June 23.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s participation is yet to be confirmed, with the head of state having previously promised to jump into the Seine at the Olympic Village inauguration.

The mayor’s announcement comes amid ongoing concerns about the river’s cleanliness, with the NGO Surfrider having told French news outlet BFMTV that the Seine is not safe for swimming.

d) Martin Gardey de Soos, teacher in a private Catholic high school in Drôme, is under investigation for “attempted corruption of a minor” for having asked his students to pose naked …
The replacement teacher in literature, “would have suggested to the students to pose naked against the war in Palestine and to post the photo on the networks”…

1.  Man from the West Country one

a.  1500 member UK Covid Vax support group awarded charity status |

b.  Excess deaths, MPs request data, still nothing two months later |

c.  Study finds Pfizer’s Covid-19 injection has more than 500 times allowable levels of DNA contamination |

d.  Childhood Vaccine Schedule Led to ‘Greatest Decline in Public Health in Human History’ |

e.  UK flood risk: We are being subjected to blatant lies, deception and misdirection |

f.  Iran is an Arm of Zionist Freemasonry (Video) |

g.  CJ Hopkins: Hamas used well-known asymmetric warfare tactics |

h.  United Nations and World Invocation Day: A day to invoke satan and the antichrist |


  1. 3. Is the juxtaposition twixt subject and artist a coincidence? Or is it more of the agenda to cause division? Whether it was deliberate or not consider that the subject was accused of "ism" by the exited royals now residing in California. I'd put money on an immediate "ism" retort to counteract any criticism of the artwork by anyone. Digger

    1. Just adding that the "ism" division is being engineered in the dark recesses of Them's camp and the exited royals and their entourage are Them's useful idiots to further it.

      This won't be to everyone's taste however, Nancy does good research. These two girls are in the "Harry bad William good" camp. I've cut them some slack on that due to their age. And they can be a bit shrill! Nevertheless there's some good info on H&M's pet photographer and his fomenting of "ism" in the UK.
      Start 4 mins in and hopefully you'll get my drift.

    2. “Posh” accent? Those American gals mean bog standard south London estuary English I think. Plus you can tell they’re really females because they take years to get to the point, ha ha. Luv em.

    3. And another thing :) Waterloo to Southwark by train - if memory serves that is by tube. First class tickets? There weren't any in my day.


  2. 2c. Sadiq Khan to take a running jump would be a good piece of news. It could start a trend. Stop dreaming Andy.

  3. 3. I saw this report first on the BBBC, I don't want to give them clicks so won't link. However, as this is such important news of the world of high art there was no shortage of alternative sites bringing us this wondrous news.

    The future of art and beauty is in safe hands.

  4. 3 agin. A real artist's take on that portrait and its executioner. Scroll down to 17 as it is an addendum to the critique MM did of Chuckie's daub from a few days ago in which he also looks into that artist's (Yeo) connections. NB if anyone is likely to be offended by nakedy bits badly painted (Lucian Freud's daub of Kate Moss) then move quickly past page 3. Digger


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