Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wednesday [14 till close of play]


25.  On Wed 23

24.  Do you think she's sounding quite VPish here?

23.  Sorry to bring this just now

... but duty demands, was hoping Wed 22 might be our last. Keeping a few back for tomorrow morn with no time frame but this seems now-ish in London:

She's just added:

22.  ... before Marie, one of our nature tweeters

"There are two words that will open many doors for you in life: PULL and PUSH. Good night my dears ✨✨ "


21.  Brief return to the Frenetic ...

20.  (1804) Brief pause for reflection, readers

For me, the saddest X post, if indeed true, is that lady's about her husband yet it was 14 hours ago, plus a half hour ago now when I saw it.

Have to stop a moment, chaps and chapesses ... that one knocked me for six. Hope and pray she had support given online ... I'll go back and check that one out. 

(1844 ... couldna find it again.)

Also don't forget IYE's McD's piece at NOWP.  The ticker just told me someone had commented on it. Hang on, I'll go and have a look.

It was Digger:

Regard it as a joke, Digger. Meanwhile, the heart issue from an hour ago and the stabbing pains in the arteries seem to have subsided in ole Higham for now ... liquid and movement, people ... does wonders.  I see Dearieme's just replied on the London thing, plus Digger on Pippa and Kate.

Dearieme: "7 A local magistrate lost his head and sent in the cavalry. In other words it was scarcely "about" anything, just an ordinary cock-up by a (very junior) arm of the state."

(Reference to Peterloo)

Digger's I'll reply under the quiz.

Have a good dins or lunch in the States or evening afternoon tea.

19.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Julie Kelly Explains How Intelligence Agencies Manufactured A Coup Against President Trump |

b.  Naomi Wolf On The Vaccine: "There Are Massive Fertility Harms In Women And Men" |

18.  Fast and furious now

17.  Steve

On 12. Afternoon roundup

Regarding Alex Bath's comment about the 'Rwanda plan' there's a reciprocal arrangement, and that is every illegal immigrant they take from us we take in a Rwandan immigrant. Assuming they fill this hotel in Rwanda, some 300 rooms, an equal sum will fill British hotels - undoubtedly at far greater cost. Go figure?

16.  Here's one on so-called Scottish Nationalism

15.  Keep your eye on this

... it's developing as we write:

14.  I open to a nightmare

First of all, I fell asleep straight after the Moosh item, second day running, plus feeling not well, which was not helped by IYE and that item on McDonald’s at NOWP 644:4 presented by some jihadi.

So, trying to get some sort of order going here and heart not too great, I saw two items needing doing but in attempting to do them, this resulted:

You can see the normal script size in the Natcon item at the foot of those. That makes it impossible to report on the story. Essentially, Sunak has agreed to a send one from here to Rwanda, get a piece of Rwandan riffraff back … at what cost?  No wonder the redaction is all over the place.

All right, so I leave that and go to the two tier policing story:

Notice the enlarged, superimposed Cole response … reaction was swift:

Meanwhile, reaction came first in Brazil, now in Australia, to attempts to shut X twitter down, except Elon is fighting back.


  1. 14. "...IYE and that item on McDonald’s at NOWP 644:4 presented by some jihadi."

    Evidence please that he's a jihadi. Or was that a joke?

    Have a good evening.


  2. Evets 1

    Moderna Confirms C**id mRNA Vaccines cause Dangerous Cancer Cases |

    Cancer cases are increasing due to C**id vaccines, but Big Government and Big Pharma want you to look the other way |

    WHO expects a 77% increase in cancer cases; the cause is anything but mRNA injections |

    Newly obtained documents show that The CDC hid behind redactions in C-19 vaccine Emails |

    Could The WHO be backing down on the Pandemic Treaty? |

    More proof emerges of Dr Fauci’s criminal deceit over C**id-19 origins |

    Scientific American: It is “Misinformation” That There Are Just Two Sexes |

    A collective “common enemy” now stalks mankind |

    Are we prepared to weather the cold of the coming Ice Age? |

  3. Evets 2

    Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on April 23, 2024 (Map Update) |

    Sunak, UK war footing. Szijjarto, EU war psychosis. Europe troops in [The] Ukraine. 2026, EU defeats Putin - Alex Christoforou |

    UK entering ‘War footing’ economy |

    [The] Ukraine lost 500,000 troops, Crisis in Moldova, South Caucasus, USA vs China, Space - Levan Gudadze |

    NATO failed to hide evacuation of killed and wounded foreigners from [The] Ukraine |

    [The] Ukraine Front Collapse Continues, 2 Villages Fall; MSM Ukraine 6 Months Collapse; Senate Approves Ukraine Aid - Alexander Mercouris |

    “This is your problem now”: US Leaving [The] Ukraine for Europe to deal with – French expert |

  4. Evets 3

    DA Bragg’s Attorneys Make Fatal Error When Revealing Underlying Crime in ‘Hush Money’ Case – Trump Attorneys Must Move to Dismiss Now |

    Law Professor Jonathan Turley on NY Case: ‘Trump is Right. This is an Embarrassment’ (Video) |

    Texas Rep. Lance Gooden Demands AG Merrick Garland and DA Alvin Bragg Turn Over Evidence Related to Hiring Radical Biden Attorney Colangelo to Run Latest Lawfare Suit Against Trump |

    Full Interview: Cyber Expert Harry Haury Reveals How Election Machines Error Rates Violate Federal Law and How Bill Barr Killed a Massive Fraudulent Ballot Investigation |

    Senate Passes $95.3 Billion Aid to [The] Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Gaza — Here are the Republicans Who Voted with Democrats |

    Speaker Mike Johnson’s Sgt. of Arms Threatens Rep. Massie to Take Down his Video of Democrats Waving Ukrainian Flags on the House Floor or Face $500 Fine |

    Trump Wins Presidential Primary in Pennsylvania |

  5. Evets 4

    Spectacular Speech by South Carolina Rep. Adam Morgan Resurfaces |

    Texas State Troopers Lay Down the Law, Forcefully Disperse Pro-Hamas Protestors at University of Texas at Austin (Video) |

    Javier Milei’s Argentina Has First Quarter Budget Surplus in 16 Years – Libertarian Leader Says ‘Our Plan Is Working’ |

    FBI Director Wray Again Warns of Potential Terror Attack in the US, ‘Not That Different’ from Concert Attack in Russia |

    1llegal Alien From Mexico Breaks Into Michigan Home, Sexually Assaults Two Girls Under the Age of 13 |

    Australian PM Albanese Is at War With Free Speech, Picks a Fight With Elon Musk – Now Wants MEMES About Him Struck From Internet |

    Author of Landmark Review of Transgender Treatment Shares She is Under Constant Attack: ‘I Can’t Travel on Public Transport After Gender Report’ |


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