Monday, April 22, 2024

Monday [16 till close of play]

(1730) Evening all.

22.  Quite cream-crackered though much happening

One of IYE’s went up at n21, others tomorrow morn, almost falling asleep here. There’s a long Ripper account which is probably best at our first break in the a.m., plus I see Evets is dropping his off. Hope Andy’s not mad with me, Ian was here earlier.

My main topic in this item is to correct an impression. You know the things quite a few have said, including me, about a delivery firm who are evriwhere … well a few days back, I recounted this lady’s encounter with me (pillow slips) … it was instant goodwill both ways.

Well blow me down with a goose down feather if there was not a buzzer buzz … there was … and there she was again with this coming Friday’s parcel.  Now look … I don’t know what’s going on here but she’s not even with this second continental firm … yet she had the massive pillow (32” x 32”) in her li’l hands and now it’s on the bed ready and I’m almost for bed, last orders please.

There was no way I could let it go without saying to you patrons and drop-bys that they were as fast as Hermes the winged messenger, plus something else is going on, something good I don’t quite understand but goodness me, I’m not complaining.

Night night folks.

21.  IYE

20.  On other matters

19.  If I opened St George's Day 2024 at N.O.

... or England's national day, ignoring the St Edmund advocates and all the rest of it for just one day ... with a small photo in the sidebar, rest assured there's more coming.

One element which I thought I might look at now is the various versions of Jerusalem on youtube, from the lady and choir, in great reverence, to the folk bard ... but to my mind, Blake was mad, eccentric maybe, and the English tribes are also eccentric, just as all women are a teensy-weensy bit insane, just as we men are all a teensy-weensy bit brusque and obdurate.

Now really, dear reader ... there's only one version will do the job on Jerusalem, is worthy of Blake ... and that's ELP's. Frankly, it's manic in its treatment, the drumming is out of its head ... what better to convey the whole preposterous notion, that deep, ancient desire?

Tomorrow morning I'll return to the more accessible treatment of the special day, quoting Steve.

But for now:

18.  Some more

17.  IYE at NOWP

16.  This was from late April, 2001

... illustrating the dire state of plod even then:


  1. Bill

    Richard Wellings and his Eden railway tweet. The councillor in question is pushing battery operated trains not overhead pantograph trains.
    Not much better I grant you but there it is.

  2. Evets 1

    Japan holds major press conference to address lawsuits seeking compensation for C**id jab victims |

    Courts set precedent for mass forced vaccination of all children |

    Serious populist discontent is bubbling up in New Zealand |

    700 Chinese Migrants Apprehended at California Border in One Week |

    Fiddling the temperature stats to support the Climate Psyop – how it is done |

    Conspiracy Theories’ Aren’t Theoretical Anymore |

    Chivalric penguins and not so chivalric humans |

  3. Evets 2

    Russian army liberated Novomikailovka in Donetsk People’s Republic – Russian MOD |

    [The] Ukraine aid may slow Russian advance. MIC payday and no audit. Lord of the Rings & Axis of Evil - Alex Christoforou |

    Russian forces make gains around Chasov Yar and Ugledar (In Maps) |

    [The] Ukraine Disastrous Day: Russia Controls 50% Ocheretino, [The] Ukraine Admits Novomikhailovka Lost, Budanov Crisis - Alexander Mercouris |

    Mastering the skies and ground: Russia’s dominance brings victories |

    Ukrainian retreat, Nuclear Poland, Middle East Crisis, US Elections, Disintegration of Moldova - Levan Gudadze |

    NATO sends more ‘Military advisors’ amid heavy losses on Ukrainian frontlines |

  4. Evets 3

    The Final Sellout? Uniparty Devils Sending $95 Billion to Corrupt Foreign Governments – $300 Million Goes for Ukraine Border Security but Zero Dollars for Our Own Border Security |

    Rep. Tim Burchett Says $6 Billion of the Foreign Aid Passed By House Will Enrich Pro-Hamas NGOs (Video) |

    Weak, Compromised or Paid Off? Republicans Aid Democrats in the Destruction of America (Video) |

    Controversies Involving Speaker Mike Johnson and His Sons Resurface — From Monitoring Each Other’s Porn Usage to Arrest of His Adopted Son on Charges of Running Illegal Cannabis Business |

    RINO Rep. Tony Gonzales Calls His Republican Colleagues ‘Real Scumbags’ on CNN – Compares Them to The KKK for Not Funding [The] Ukraine |

    Conservatives Rally Around Brandon Herrara for Congress After Texas RINO Tony Gonzales Slanders Top MAGA Lawmakers as “Neo-Nazis” and Racists for Not Voting to Fund Foreign Wars |

    SCOTUS Denies Kari Lake and Mark Finchem’s Lawsuit to Ban Voting Machines Without Comment |

  5. Evets 4

    Trump Tells Supporters to ‘Go Out and Peacefully Protest, Rally Behind MAGA’ |

    Alvin Bragg’s Prosecutors Lie About 2016 Election in Opening Statement to Jurors |

    Senator Ted Cruz on the Border Crisis: “Why Would They Allow This Invasion? And the Answer is Simple, They View Those 11 Million Illegal Immigrants as Future Democrat Voters” (Video) |

    Michigan [Black] Caregiver Viciously Beats Helpless 93-Year-Old [White] Dementia Patient Before Choking Her – Victim’s Daughter Reveals How Family Caught the Attack on Tape (Video) |

    Topless College-Aged [Black] Women Violently Brawl During Party Gathering on Popular Georgia Island While Trash Washes into Ocean (Videos) |

    Mandatory Queer Indoctrination at School Causes Huge Uproar |

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Writes Preface to New Book “The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: The Final Analysis” and Includes the CIA Connection |

  6. 22. Of course I'm not mad at you James.❤️


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