Monday, April 15, 2024

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(1730) A bit wonky, healthwise. 2042: Higham’s unwell, in bed … heart, organism, need sleep.

18.  For IYE

17.  Johnson getting even more difficult to understand

Hmmmm, I suggest you read the Wiki entry on Miller-Meeks, of which this is part:

On May 19, 2021, Miller-Meeks was one of 35 Republicans who joined all Democrats in voting to approve legislation to establish the January 6, 2021 commission meant to investigate the storming of the U.S. Capitol.[23]

Also, the Demrat lost to her by six votes, she challenged, Pelosi seated Miller-Meeks and the Demrat challenge was withdrawn.

More on this Miller-Meeks thing

Those links on the constitutional question can be challenged by us as being Establishment, yes, but remember that the law of the land is interpreted by the left RINO, soft liberal and Demrat Crime Syndicate (DCS) as a given … so what those bodies say counts, if it supports DCS policy and can be ignored if it is awkward. 

This is Demrat-think … jawdropping arrogance beyond, demonic ego … things will go ahead as we plan, they assume, everything else is a pesky, temporary impediment to be got around. 

Failing all else, the threats to families of Cngrsmn etc. comes next, there are always Boston brakes and skiing accidents after that. Name of the game is power at all costs, not “Democracy”, a weasel word to project.

Donny himself does not or did not understand the path to power in Washington but the guy who wrote the Triangle post did (sidebar), Reince Preibus did, McCarthy did, Kelly did, Pence did.  Donny needed minders … he was the MIC man (see Ike) but he started getting ideas, believing his own MAGA rhetoric. Killery et al did not ustd just how rogue Donny was … he’d not shown these signs before that.

Actually, he had … but they were sure he was still in the bag.  He wasn’t. Like Lincoln and JFK, he saw his Destiny.

Miller-Meeks was allowed to be seated because she was a game player, quid pro quo. Her seat flipped, remember, which doesn’t make the voters MAGA in themselves. Clackers was not fussed … she (Miller-Meeks) is under control, binding agreements have been made. Rip those up and the fabric tears … meaning that people start being investigated … all the way up. 

Donny is still not a pollie but imagines himself one. Where is his game playing coming from? It used to be McCarthy’s hold on him, the visits, the phone line straight through. But Kev was vacated, so here’s Johnson (no way Jordan, could not be controlled).  But the DCS is now very nervous … they have to play the Hakeem Jeffreys card … by getting those two RINOs not to resign until it’s too late for the GOP to hold the House.

God bless America.

16.  Church lives matter

One can only hope.

15.  Deadly Derek dies


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