Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday [9 to 11]

(0936) Covfefe. (1029)

11.  Saw this at The Slog

These days, of course, there is no commentary beyond online 'breakaways', blogsites and substacks; so when the bare-faced lies are revealed out of nowhere, ordinary people tend to go beyond shock and into denial or firm belief, depending on whether "our guys" or "the enemy" are being outed as culprits. 

10.  IYE at NOWP

 @NewsGuardRating has reached out to me for comment on a report they will be publishing where they will label @BadlandsMedia_ content as "misinformation."”

NewsGuardRating? Never heard of ’em.

9.  Thinking nice

One or two commenters had it, imho, right about the entire election theatre but most did not, esp. M25 Kathy Gyngell.  To my mind, she and others like Toby Young are constrained by M25 “nice” politics, not able to think headkicker, not able to see the WEFer wife, for example, the Globo conduit, the whole sorry vaxx saga making neither candidate what we need, though Donny is way ahead of DeS overall.


  1. Dear me that "Slog" bugger hasn't a clue. He's got his history arse about face on the Kennedy era so why should I trust him on anything else?

    He's also hopelessly innocent of biological knowledge. In the comments he writes "I don’t believe there is any measurable difference between Russian DNA, American DNA, Chinese DNA, Aboriginal (Australian Version 0r American Version) DNA, African DNA or any other human’s DNA." That's the vanity of wilful ignorance. What a twat.

  2. I used to follow 'The Slog'. He supplies lots of useful info, but plenty of 'iffy' stuff, too. The problem differentiating the two. I decided not to bother with him long ago.


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