Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tuesday [8]

In which I have to fumigate my WP and Twitter accounts

Unfortunately, at the same time (and I wrote to a friend that it was happening), one of my eyes has something wrong today, which is hampering blogging at precisely the same time I'm being flooded on Twitter and hampered at NOWP.

Here's one small example:

I'm on or was on, good terms with her and replied:

That was half an hour ago, so I'm assuming what occurred was not her intervention. The comment went up, Twit acknowledges it was a reply to her, but my reply appeared in isolation, not connected to her tweet.  It's certainly there if you track down her tweet and it's in comments.  So there's no blocking going on.

Thing is ... her tweets plus another's I look at in the mornings were just not there today when I went to Twitter, nor the seven or eight others.  The "another's I look at" has just replied to me, so that's good and a week or so ago, when similar happened, she wrote, "I'd never block you, James," so what happened yesterday?

Well one thing was that my political tweets involved some heavy boys, e.g. Little Boats, various British flag people and many American patriots who could flood anyone.  Now that's fine but the way it works is that people reading them add you to lists and those lists can have a dozen on them, all checking you out and their readers check them out and that attracts Twit who note sudden trends.

Suddenly, I have traffic, which I do not want for that very reason. I even blogged on that yesterday. It's not through wa**erism that I go on about that but through the ease with which anyone is noticed through key phrases ... it's SEO and I want none on't.

Plus this did not help:

The ggl fallout was at WP where I'm suddenly flooded by ads with no monetisation to me. What you're seeing there might be quite different to what I'm seeing. 

None of this was an issue but sudden disgusting graphics was. I've said over and over and over I will NOT have such things up at NO and I mean it. Let me explain it again for the umpteenth time:

I call it the Sun or Star syndrome. Imagine some issue we're dead against ... let's take one such as paedo. All right, we accompany the text with an image, an oblique image of, say, the paedo symbol. The Sun or Star or whatever are after titillation and outrage so they print one of Podesta's drawings, something deeply disturbing, esp. for victims themselves who come to NO in good faith, having seen my stance on, say, Twitter.  Suddenly, some reader, for a laugh perhaps has run the very thing we're against.

It's like saying oh goodness, we're so against children being abused ... like here in this picture ... and in this one ... and in here.  Readers ... do you start to get any idea what I'm going on about? You simply do not display the very thing you're against, in graphic detail.

Imagine, if the issue were the boat thugs,horrible fighting age creeps. And what does a Sun Syndromer do?  Floods the column space with dozens of ugly mooshes of these creeps. Diametric opposite of what I'm trying with Peaklass.

Current issue is bugs in food.  What does one of these people do?  Shows graphic pictures of bugs crawling around people's food.  Why?  Effing why?  They're just as sicko as the bug pushers. 

No no, we're against all that, they cry. 

No, effing no, I reply ... if you were truly against, then you'd not wish to even see such revoltingness. Why are you trying to force it upon others?  I thought that's what we're against?  Forcing our own sicko things on others?

Their next response?  Oh Higham is oversensitive, a real snowflake.  And my reply is from above again:

"something deeply disturbing, esp. for victims themselves who come to NO in good faith, having seen my stance on, say, Twitter"

There's a thing called good taste, there's a thing called sensitivity to others.  Excuse me but I thought the idea was we want sanity, normality and some sort of civic decency to return.  Is that achieved by constantly wallowing in the very thing we're trying to remove?

All right, how do I then deal with that hotel where the protests were?  Easy ... we show the far off pic of the illegal over by the wall chatting up the kid.  It's suggestive enough, it does not need a full on shot of the kid on a bed with a dozen bearded animals.  

For crying out loud, have at least SOME sensitivity!  This is public space.  And why do you think I'll not run any shots of butterflies, esp. of certain colours?

Finally, judge this very post now by its graphics. It's covered quite a few excrescent topics in the text.  Looking at this post first time, would you be sent into shock?

As long as there were some oblique way a really determined reader could still get to the details.  We do that at NO.  Knowing those bugs crawling in food was from Eva V, simple matter going to her Twitter a/c and there they are.

But not upfront here or at NOWP, public space for both the invulnerable rhinocerous hides, plus the vulnerable at the same time.


  1. I wonder if the twitter problem you are having is related to the hack they said happened when umpty-tump amounts of data was affected?
    Not seeing any ads at all this end of NOWP btw. Format seems to have changed though - not a prob. I agree on the graphic images though. To know what is going on with Them's plans is enough. I don't wish to have it shoved in my face ad infinitum by either side. I saw such images yesterday and gave them a wide berth.

    1. JH: It's an interesting one on Twit. In the case of the two ladies and the chap I like seeing the landscapes by in the mornings (we see those in the sidebar), the ladies and I do not follow one another, though we converse, the chap and I did follow each other and he's disappeared altogether. I can still find the ladies though. Seems to be a strategic case for not following, never DMing.

    2. Something else that has changed in the past few days on twitter. There used to be headers on a tweeter's timeline thus Tweets, Tweets and replies, and two other categories. That has now changed to Tweets, Replies, plus the other two. Now I have to search to find out what the tweeter was replying to separately whereas before if I went to Tweets and replies I got both. Might be different if one is signed into twitter idk as I'm not.

    3. JH: It's the same, that's what I was explaining badly. They've not only done that but are "balancing" it with counter "views" I have no need for whatever and I've just been going through blocking again. Elon thinks the truth is somewhere "in the middle", which is utter bollox.

  2. Thank you, again, for all you, and your co-posters do. I appreciate it. A lot.


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