Thursday, December 01, 2022

Thursday [2 to 6]

(0817) Just awoke, shall be some time to get going.

6.  Grammar schools

Let me say right off the bat that I was both LEA educated (nursery/primary), then eleven-plus, then did two years at a prep school which was attached to a "public school" as one of its "feeders", which I then attended to the bitter end.

Having experienced both those types but not a grammar school, still I'm all for grammar schools for political reasons. 

To my mind, a bright, industrious child, male or female, should also have the option of independent if parents can afford it, grammar if worthy, technical if the aptitude is there, or otherwise LEA administered. I'm a big fan of tech and apprenticeships.

Furthermore, girls learn best in all-female, boys in mixed. Unlike many pro grammar school pundits I've read, with their inverted snobbishness against independent schools, independents do have their place ... they're not all Etons and Harrows.  Often the parents scrimp and save so that their little spotty herbert can attend.

(I'm going to post this at OoL as well.)

5.  Happy reading today

... dear reader.

4.  Anti "smart" meter day

I'll be fighting the lektrabully later, once chores are done and I'm ready with the stats at hand. I shall be opening with something like (but I'll write the wording later, pre-call): 

"I'm regulating usage as it is, using only what I can afford.  The meter is inside the house and I check daily, writing it down.  It's working fine, why change that which is working fine? The very last thing I need is someone externally regulating how much lekky to allow me.  The other thing is I want no private details online.  You already have them, there's no need for me to do lekky online. So I'll decline, thank you so much."

"They then come at me with: "You agreed on this tariff, tied to getting a SM installed."

"I did nothing of the kind. I agreed to look at the possibility, I've looked.  No thanks."

3.  Go West

DNA is the Constitution of Life, and They are Destroying it with Gene-Based Injections

mRNA Vaccines were Deliberately Designed to Cause Severe Disease and Be Resistant to Antibodies

Dr Masanori Fukushima, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, Warns the Government about vax harms

Grade 2 Student D**s S**denly

Shocking Thermal Images from the C19-Injected

2.  DAD

The affair of the reception of the migrant boat Ocean Viking continues to rebound and appears more and more like a management disaster on the part of the French government—unfortunately, highly predictable. It is epigrammatic of all the dysfunctions of immigrant reception policy, both at the national and European levels.


  1. "A large car fire involving multiple rental vehicles at Nantucket Memorial Airport is now out. There were no injuries reported but at least four cars sustained significant damage."

    "So what?" I hear you say.

    "The cars were owned by Hertz, and had just been returned by members of the Secret Service who had been using them during President Biden’s visit, sources said."

    (Why was Brandon's SS detail using bog-standard hire cars when they have a fleet of their own? Hmmm.)

    Looks like we can all rest easy because it wasn't suspicious.

    "An investigation into the fire that consumed five rental vehicles that had been used by Secret Service agents during President Biden’s visit to the island has determined the blaze was not suspicious, according to #Nantucket Fire Chief Michael Cranson."

    Biden-cide? LOL

  2. Twisted Root
    #4 - It is all threats, bluster and gambits like the cup of tea jibbyjabby scenario. Where there is an agenda and money to be made they always act dishonourably. Never be browbeaten, never forget what they are, and never trust them with anything until they demonstrate honourable behaviour.

  3. ref #4 - Have you come across BTs underhand attempts to abandon copper telephone cables in favour of 'internet phones' Their ruse is to present you with a no-option 'upgrade 'when renewing broadband contracts, then quietly switch off the landline saying "we don't offer that any more" when you manage to wade through their system to complain. Not much use when you are in a rural area with poor mobile coverage as there is nothing available in emergencies - Other providers still offer landlines, including Plusnet (who I understood to be part of BT)! I can see in most areas that this would work, but BT/EE are pushing too hard!

    1. They did that in France. Didn't mention it up front just asked if we'd like an upgrade to faster BB. Told us we'd still be able to keep all our existing phone sockets which was true but what they didn't tell us was they'd be useless. The ombudsman equivalent over here took up our complaint but even he faced a brick wall. We were awarded compensation and free multiple telephone handsets so we could hear the phone ring in other rooms and our old telephone number was reinstated - they changed our phone number without telling us which was a good wheeze. Internet though only works effectively in one room now despite gizmos and boosters.

      Now they're phasing out all copper/landlines. Or trying to. The latest con is we got a notice about a month ago telling us they'd increased the BB speed which is true, they have. I'd noticed it a couple of weeks prior. They're doing it for free for now which made me somewhat suspicious. Sneaky sods are expecting us to pay for the upgrade in the new year if we don't notify them that we don't want it.

    2. I think this is MSM scaremongering - they have no clue about technology Ian. As I understand it BT want to use VOIP (voice over internet protocol) which is a way to encode voice calls as digital signals over the broadband link, that avoids having two separate parts to the system. It still uses the copper wire network. In theory it should be cheaper but no doubt BT will extract their pound of flesh for the pretence of an 'improved' service. My old workplace installed a non BT VOIP system 20 years ago and our French ISP used VOIP back in 2006 (it was cheaper and included most international calls because they were simply internet data). You can buy VOIP systems for home use if you make lots of international calls. The only downside is that you lose the voice connection if your router goes off, as in a power cut.

    3. Odd that PD. Our voip system in France was really excellent, impressive even! It was a Spanish ISP (the cheapest we found at the time) - we got an entire package, router, broadband, calls to almost anywhere plus a discount motorola mobile phone with a decent contract and data limit from the same company, all around 30Euro/month. It was completely separate from France Telecom who all our expat friends had gone with and moaned about and it somehow avoided any FTelecom line charges even though it used the cables. We were very rural but internet was about 20mb/sec when all BT outreach could manage here in the UK was about 5. I think your problem may be the service implementation rather than technology. I have little trust in BT to make it work properly, but I have experienced the technology working well.

    4. France Telecom is the problem lol! Interweb in these parts was lousy for years. Neighbours across the road couldn't have internet when we first arrived here because they were told their tel no started with the wrong digits - seriously. Mobile signal only works if we hang over the balcony!