Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wednesday [18]

Apologies ahead of this post but the time has long gone for me to remain quiet.  I shall be insulting the majority of people in this post. 

Bigger issues, you see, hang on this than just one news item ... outrageous as it is in itself:

@KariLake: "The whole system is a joke. And either our courts help us out right now, or I feel we lose this country."  

Lake Hammers Maricopa County For Taking Two Weeks To Count The Votes While Disenfranchised Voters Received Only Two Minutes To Express Grievances. "Highway Robbery".

It is.  We're now there, people, we're now there ... open impunity.  

Each of us has our own angle, the cause or hobbyhorse uppermost in the mind, though of course we're also outraged by the other issues.  Yours might be the climate scam, closing of farms etc., it might be the paedo filth of the rich and infamous ... I'm not gainsaying that in the slightest, deprioritising it, I'm there beside you.

My "thing" is the total loss of ethics as a result of western so-called thinkers, rationalists they call themselves, from academics to engineers, completely misjudging, since WW2, what would happen once the failsafe of the gospel underpinning of the west was allowed to erode and collapse. 

Night follows day, ladies and gentlemen, night follows day. Here’s a chap being far nicer about it than I:

The utter stupidity of grown men and women thinking they can build an atheistic society of "reason".  Don't you dimwits understand what it is you're really up against?  Whom the enemy really is? Has been since antiquity? 

Has anyone not heard of the Tower of Babel, enshrined in the BIS building?  Have people no inkling whatever of the spiritual dimension?  What is Moloch?  Just a statue?

And this is why we have the total loss of ethics, the descent to vileness, dog eat dog, look after n1... this is now the avalanche downhill… arrested for being western while the savages pour across the borders.  

The failsafe, as unfashionable as it always was, was the very guide and protection because it stayed people’s worst excesses, insisted they be decent to one another, had them cry out when they saw universally defined wrong.

Yes of course they will come first for real Christians and others of noble character ... but does anyone truly, truly think the crocodile will leave them till last?  Good luck.


  1. Agreed, James. Others don't need to be believers to understand that the underpinning of morality and honest dealings has been stripped away. This has left a great big gaping hole which everything evil can pour through.