Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wednesday [13 till who knows when]

Evening all. This might be the last text polit-post for Wednesday.  There’s a film, a good one, at 1830, there might be a very late polit post around 2100 but it’s likely to be a few screenshots.

Chaps and chapesses, there's a heck of a lot of reading today at both places, not Jstack.

19.  For your diary

Wednesday DAD

Wednesday DAD too

Midweek Evets

18.  Justin

The Claw:

Prefer the Jerry Donahue version:

17.  Did we have this from Woodsy?

Time for some good news for breakfast fans.

16.  Ian J

While we are all distracted by US goings-on, the UK govt carries on as usual (i'e' doing nothing but generate hot air):

15.  Steve

Re: Baron Bodessey

'The exception to the rigging is, of course, Florida, which passed laws to protect the voting process from being manipulated the way it is everywhere else. As a result, Florida experienced the “red wave” that was supposed to sweep the entire country. Republicans did very well, with Ron DeSantis riding the crest of the wave.'

One of Mark Steyn's guests brought this up on GB News last night, Dominique Samuels she was, 45 mins 13 secs in:

14.  Go fourth, young man

The Richest Man in the World

The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset

Scotland’s Government is Rolling out a “digital ID” Platform That Will Be Connected to Social Security, NHS Health Services & Experian Credit

Food Rationing / Hugo Talks

France in Crisis: Should pay for UK’s migrant burden. Conflict with Italy

Ice Station Europe | Energy costs to challenge Europeans in winter

13.  Tom Winnifrith

Here are articles debunking the cultists on:

The drowning Maldives

Floods in Pakistan

Drought in Somalia

Tuvalu Drowning

The Cook islands Drowning

Coral dying

Welsh Lakes drying up

Ice caps at both Poles disappearing & Fulham Drowning

Russian Tundra melting

UK Heatwaves

Global warming of lack of it in Rochester NY


  1. MftWC 1

    Norway Does Massive U-turn on Boosters…

    A newly hired American Airlines regional jet pilot collapsed just after take-off in Chicago on Saturday night

    D**d Su**enly – welcome to World War Three

    Genotoxicity Tests Still Haven't Been Done - Why Not - Senate Estimates 8.11.22

    Official figures show at least Three-Quarters of a Million People have “D**d Su**enly” across just 20 per cent of all Countries throughout 2022 & Official Government Reports prove C**ID Vaccination is to blame

    Dr Mike Yeadon on Depopulation, Ventilator/Sedative Murders & SARS-COV-2 Theory Being Wrong

    New WHO pandemic treaty in final stages, would overrule the US Constitution and unleash medical dictatorship, warns Dr Francis Boyle

    Conceptual Zero Draft

  2. MftWC 2

    Putting an End to Volodymyr Zelensky’s Follies

    AP reporter fired for Poland missile story. NATO mission creep. 2 million migrants to EU. U/1

    Kiev Continues to Commit War Crimes Against Russians

    Scott Ritter: The Back Channel

    Is NATO falling apart?

    Other stuff:

    JFK Assassination Truth Bombs

    Robot Rishi / NHS / The Great Trap / Hugo Talks

    Sweden cancels residential permits of 300,000 migrants