Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday [12 to 16]


16.  Housekeeping

Think I need to make an adjustment to the “features” part of the blogging.  While the classical music pieces are very much part of the late Tuesday fayre, there is no really “anticipated” feature on Tuesday, it’s almost a “fallow” day, whilst Monday and Thursday have both wimmin and quiz on each day, nothing on Friday.  Seems a bit odd to me.

The popular segments seem to be the two wimmin posts, the two quiz posts, Sunday jazz also has a small following.  Two films in a week seem about enough, not three.  To my mind, that’s one per day, plus any other features, e.g. the Tom Scotts, whatever in the mornings … today’s was food French.

Which would you like to see on Monday-Thursday, which on Tuesday-Friday?  When do you prefer your quiz?  Saturday matinee seems good, Midweek movie too. Jazz stays on Sunday.

That’s assuming you can even get a comment through right now.  If not, leave it across the way or email it and I’ll put it up.

15.  There was a convoluted double negative

… I put in earlier … about something not not-happening.  Well I’m going to do it again:

There’s no way this is not happening, it is happening.  This is a reasonably reliable source ordinarily.  Days were when, if I even attempted to mention the “s” word, as in dissociative trauma on victims under MK Ultra as “s”, the very people dismissing it as tinfoilhattery were the male bloggers of substance with large followings … you know the alpha male type.

I did not argue at the time as it would have been counterproductive, which does not mean they were right … they were quite ignorati at that time but now they’re gradually waking up.  Yes, this “s” word is very much part of the mix and here it is coming out into the open, emboldened by Hollywood, games and the music industry. Plus the ex-bouncer Bergoglio.

14.  Readers please note

These are my current comments settings:

Note please that the bold typeface means switched on, then the subdued, muted type is off or not the main thing.

There is no way known I'd switch on word verification, as it means open slather and inundation of lies.  Yet I see it offered below comments.  This is NOT my doing.  Someone has got inside and overridden my settings.

Any comment appearing via such a route will be deleted.

13.  Third drop

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12.  Long, long post at OoL

Comments are off over there.

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  1. 12. I have tried explaining to people some of the history behind the SMO. It is infuriating that not one true believer in the narrative accepts anything I say, even when I point them to the evidence. Past big wars have kicked off after similar propaganda lies. If this current situation deteriorates into all-out war it will be the first time when ordinary people have the knowledge to hand, if only they would see it.

    It is easier to get a person to believe a lie than it is to convince them that they have been lied to.