Thursday, October 06, 2022

Who are these wimmin?


  1. 1 - Jessica Ennis
    2 - One of the Bangles, picture looks like from the 80's judging by the hair.
    3 - Jenna Coleman, a great actress with a face for comedy. Last seen in Emmerdale.
    4 - Pippa, not Kate as first thought.

    1. JH: In one, super fast.

      There's something wrong with comments, not letting me comment by the way, bizarre.

    2. Try another browser. I run Firefox mostly but also have Brave and Tor used for different purposes. One thing that seems for sure is that the problem isn't coming from the comments section but the login system. Also get rid of that spy pixel, it will probably be there on all pages.

  2. That second one has unfortunate lips. Her own fault, perhaps?

    Your shot of Pippa is of the wrong end.