Sunday, October 02, 2022

Sunday [17 to 20]

Afternoon all.

20.  DAD

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October 1, 2022 at 9:48 am 

I would also like to fund the kickstarter so that the following quote can be beautifully carved onto Occasional Cortex’s grave, on behalf of the Official Truths Ministry.

“The same folks who … told us that COVID’s just a flu, that climate change isn’t real, that January 6 was nothing but a tourist visit … are now trying to tell us that transgender people are not real.” – The AOC.

19.  Evets 4


  1. "Unsafe and ineffective" – Mark Sharman’s powerful new documentary on the mRNA 'vaccine'. The powerful, no holds barred Video (Nearly one hour) is on the TCW website.

  2. Money troubles

    "China tells state banks to prepare for a massive dollar dump and yuan buying spree as Beijing's prior interventions have failed to stem its currency's worst year since 1994"

    Newborn deaths in Scotland

    NEW - Scottish government has ordered a review into spikes in newborn baby deaths.

    The figures showed the death rate for babies under one year old is at its highest level in 10 years.

    Gavin Gruesome

    "Yep, Gov Newsom just banned the investigation of infant deaths, paving the way for infanticide."

  3. Guess who no1

    "The madam/procurer has been writing a book. A diary of sorts she started the day she was arrested. It is many hundreds of pages now and with an editor. She doesn't need any money, so she doesn't have to worry about those making money off crimes laws. She would give it away for free. Several publishers want the book. Will she end up dead first? "

    Guess who no2 (the singer)

    "One of the doctors who is being interviewed by Congress as part of his experience with psychological operations for the government, specifically, the military and CIA is mentioned in the second earliest court report, as a treating doctor of this permanent A list "singer."

  4. Don't know if readers here are au fait with the codewords at CDAN, or if it's best to not mention them (so feel free to del this comment if so), but 1, madam/procurer, is G Max and 2, A list "singer", is B Spears.


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