Saturday, May 21, 2022

Targetting the targetters

We know about the harsh censorship of only one view in a matter and the creation of a two tier society thereby, these things dominate social media, but there are also the subtle, dare I say more fiendish targetted attacks.

Some attacks are random, known upsetters of ordinary people such as a vile Hirst sculpture or Emin painting brought to a public that neither asked nor wanted ... then there are the subtle 'preventers'.

One example which is never, ever found at sites embracing the Woke narrative is the targetted advert.  Such are only ever found at politically anti-Woke sites, which gives the lie to any pretence of kind compassion.  From constant data mining, they know that this or that are especially upsetting to this or that demographic.  The [probably young and minus soul] creeps in charge of these things do anything possible to stop people coming to a site, short of open banning.

The example this evening was at American Thinker, which I use as a springboard for 'new tab' as it always opens in one.  Useful.  However, that means hits from here going there many times in a day, everyday.  They're obviously doing that sort of targetting to what was DR and to Steve who generate much traffic.

They also know to the letter or image what I steadfastly avoid here and thus when I actually went in to read an article at AmTh, for a start, there was ad space all around the text - above, under, at the sides, similar to TGP.  That is the fault of AmTh and TGP, in fact greed.

Ordinarily, for most people, they're separate ads, innocuous, static but still annoying.

Not this evening.  Whoever controls that ad space, meaning whoever pays those sites much money, had replaced all regular ads around the feature text with footage of spiders being opened up by some fiend.  Result - click straight out.  You'll not find it because you're not targetted with that, you have a different profile.

My question is - with what possible justification can that be called an ad for a product?  Yet someone was doing that.  Someone allowed that to go out, pure psy-ops on a targetted demographic.  It would be like tampon ads at a MGTOW site.  Nothing wholesome, always as vile as they can get.  One recently was lesions on gross human bodies.  That's as graphic as I shall get.

Now do you understand my zero tolerance at N.O. of such things?  Bad enough the enemy doing it without friends compounding it.  And it's different for each person.  The philosophy is nasty.  The things happening to PD are not happening to others.  Other things are happening to others.  Thus the deep frustration of what these creeps are doing to our main people is quite lost on most of those it's not happening to.

Even that is indoctrination technique.  Breed in people an 'I'm all right Jack' mentality where if it does not directly affect us, ignore it.  Baby formula in the States ... nothing to do with me, so I'm encouraged not to care.  Pastor Pawlowski's treatment ... ditto.  Does not directly impinge on us, so we don't think about it.  Paedo grooming and abuse ... same, goes under the radar for most.

And that's how tyranny gets its hold.  Why PD in particular?  Look at the groups he's most down on ... the very groups controlling the mechanisms online.  I'll not outline the ordure I'm getting day in, day out, coz firstly, you don't let them see you bleed, and secondly, you're signposting vulnerabilities.

What sort of human minds are even involved in this fiendish, targetted persecution?  Think on that one, dear readers.  All the sickos in the world, would you not say?


  1. Sorry James but I don't see any adds on any sites unless they are text adds incorporated in the text article. Maybe using ad block plus and noscript have something to do with that. Yes, it does leave a lot of blank screen but who worries about that.