Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday [3]

Morning.  It's a slow start for various domestic reasons, it will build speed gradually today.

3.  Talking 'bout IYE and Jordan Sather

There are a few sites I visit where the chap is sound on almost all principles, from free enterprise to family values to ethics and all that's fine.  Trouble is, these other matters, as quoted from JS via IYE below, seem to be one step beyond for this type of sound chap I'm mentioning.  

He's soooo immersed in rationality and sanity that he simply cannot see that we ferreters are every bit as rational, it's just that we venture far further.  He says this is left field, it's swivel eyed loonery ... why?  When multiple events follow precisely the same playbook, pattern, even down to mocking and suppressing dissent, as they do on every other issue as well, there's something there all right and one thing there is supreme arrogance that they feel impunity.

There's one critical difference in our approaches ... we record and archive the minutiae that seems to stand up.  One day, we present it together and it paints a very different picture to the one he believes.

But there's more ... not only is he not au fait with this material, but he denies there's anything, precisely because nothing he has in his archives would ever support it.  But our archives do.  Then he posts with our sort of exasperation at our loonery, grabbing the rational hill for himself, so he's convinced, and writing, just as we do about, say, the Woke ... what idiots they are ... only he means usin this case, the patient ferreters.

The divide is insurmountable.  In culture and life beliefs, we're pretty much the same, but our saying what we've found seems to send him into a tizz.  When he starts this 'you haven't a shred of evidence guff ... wtf have we been doing for the last 5000 posts?  Twiddling our thumbs?  It's quite exasperating.  

Anyway, here's Jordan Sather:
It’s almost like this Substack account is turning into a False Flag exposing page. I’ll be writing about different topics soon, but we’ve had multiple mass shootings in the last week, each getting national news and each suspicious as heck.

Last week it was Buffalo New York, you can read the Substack article I did on that event here. Now we have a shooting in Uvalde Texas, where the “official story” says an 18 year old killed upwards of 19 children at an elementary school with a pistol and rifle. As with the Buffalo event (and other mass shooting over the years, from Parkland to Las Vegas to Pulse and before), this one has many mysteries to it.

The sooner we get rid of this NWO Illuminati Cult, the sooner the mass shootings will stop. Guns aren’t the problem, our social engineering elitists are. 

And of course all these shootings happen when bombshells are starting to drop in Durham’s investigation and election fraud raids are starting in AZ, right? Right?
Every time, we come back to Sandy Hook, do we not?  It's not just this limited rationality which leads this sound chap at the start of the post to reject out of hand what sticks out a mile ... it's also respectability, innit?  It's the self-assurance that he has it all at his calm fingertips.  When he really does not, he sees, but he does not heed.


  1. A good (and appropriate) short story from Legiron today:

  2. Just my opinion, but does anyone really think that the CIA gave up on the MK Ultra program? The hypnotist, Darren Brown once carried this out.

    I note a couple of things that connect all these shootings:

    1 - The shooter invariably ends up dead at the scene or killed shortly after, either way, before any trial can take place.

    2 - The anti-gun lobby always comes crawling out of the woodwork, calling for more regulation or outright banning.

    3 - And of course, as you say, the timing of these events is more than coincidental.

    There are too many coincidences, for example, Bill Gates buys up most of the prime farmland in the USA, at the same time food processing plants are exploding or burning down. Bill Gates invests in a company developing synthetic breast milk, at the same time there is a baby formula shortage.