Saturday, May 28, 2022

Saturday [12 onwards]

Evening all.

17.  Has Torquaymada been at it again?

16.  Ripper

a.  Brian Berletic - Blinken Lays Out Washington's Anti-China Agenda. A must watch IMO:'s-anti-china

b.  Now piracy:,-greece-iran.-poland,:e

15.  Evets

a.  Wayne Root: I’ve Figured Out the Whole Covid Vaccine Scam- Here It Is. Read it and Weep

b.  Executive Director of Oxfam Tells Audience at World Economic Forum – “COVID Has Been One of the Most Profitable Products Ever” 

14.  DAD

[She's more than that - see previous work cv.]

And she is a MP: Labour, of course.

"J K Rowling is wrong - a woman CAN have a penis" says Stella Creasy.

[Creeps like Creasy are pervading everything today, it's a tsunami of lowlifery.]

13.  In Yer Ear

i) "Fed who killed shooter got a text from his wife who was inside the school"

ii) "Military Email Reveals Alleged Deceit Regarding Pfizer Jab"

iii) Surprise! Gargoyle well and truly blocking me with yet another ftp. Any clues what trigger words below might be causing the problem????

Re the event in the south of that country across that big ocean from here.


A big country eastwards accusing that big country across the big ocean from here of deliberately creating things to create a preventable hunger situation.

Feel like I'm creating crossword clues.....

Btw, yesterday I discovered it was three comments maximum cumulatively on gargoyle sites e.g 2 on ONO and one on OoL = 3 then dassit for the day. T0$$€r$

[That French team, by the way, I put elsewhere in this post because mention of that name gets instant ban. There'll be a post tomorrow on him and his wife, plus TR.]

12.  Have a look at this one

... and then maybe these:

These appeared on Gab one after the other.  Don't know about you but I'm getting quite dazed and confused - one atrocity after the other.  This is apparently a second massacre arranged after a teacher left a door propped open - that in itself is bizarre.

Frankly, I'm not even up to speed on the first one, let alone the second and presumably Biden's keepers will release a third soon.

As for the photo at the bottom, that I understand.  That's the French U17 football squad and it says it all. I'm in two minds - if we appoint on merit, i.e. ability to play football, then who's to say they shouldn't be there?  

However, if we're looking at the illegals and great replacement angle, that's another matter. 


  1. Man Who Identifies As A Man

    Clanet Povid (N-Antibody Edition):

    UK Government Admits the Vax Has Permanently Damaged the Immune System

    The story of N-antibodies and why they are so important

    Dear Andrew Neil.. UK Gov. Report admits 18.9 million people have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine & there are now 30.5 million ‘Vaccine Refuseniks’

    Pfizer CEO Says It's Their Dream To Reduce The Population By 50 Percent In 2023!

    1. Pfizer CEO video is fake. What he actually said is reduce the number of people in the world who cannot afford medicine by 50%. Someone has edited the video clip.

    2. Found a clip containing both edited and real versions

    3. Evets

      Thanks Ripper :)

  2. Man a Tea


    Ukraine Army Collapsing; Zelensky (Now) Saying "Must Face Reality.."

    Signs of Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass as Liman Falls to Russia

    WaPo finally tells the truth. Boris wants EU+ with Elensky & Baltic States. Night Update

    Shaun Pinner & Andrew Hill to be Prosecuted. Greek Nationals Under Threat - Inside Russia Report

    US and UK Soldiers Ambush Russians in Ukraine

    A Western Christian Priest is all praise for Vladimir Putin. Speaks without fear

  3. Man on a Mission

    In other news..

    The Globalists’ Race Against Time

    Utopia Confession Says It All. We Are Watching It Unfold

  4. As far as I can make out, this is a message from the Chinese city of Heihe across the river to the Russian town of Blagoveshensk. It says "Russia we are with you".

  5. Evets

    The Junction of Highway 90 and Highway 83:

    New Detailed Timeline: What Really Happened in Uvalde, Texas?

    Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Getting Haircut Hears about Uvalde Shooting.. Borrows Barber’s Shotgun.. Rushed to School.. Drags Dozens of Kids Out of Windows, Also Saves Daughter and Wife

    Border Agents Stormed School and Killed Gunman After Local Police Told them to Wait

    Uvalde Robb Elementary School was Under Lockdown Due to Gunshots in the Area – Announced Students and Staff were Safe Until Teacher Propped Door Open


    Crazed Man with AR15 Sprays Graduation Party with Bullets – Is Shot Dead by Woman with Pistol

    The Donald:

    “Unlike Some, I Didn’t Disappoint You By Not Showing Up” – President Trump at NRA Convention in Houston (VIDEO)

    Former AG Bill Barr Rips Hillary Clinton Over Russiagate, Says She is Guilty of Sedition

    Putting the War in Ukraine in Context

    And finally..

    WHO Releases Updated Document on Its Plan to Access Power Over Member Nations During International Emergencies