Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Morning all.

4.  How to kill a virus

3.  David Vance

Anti ship missiles to save us from world famine?? The absolute state of the British Media.

American anti-ship missiles could help avert global food shortage by breaking Russian blockade of Ukrainian grain

Ah, let me see if I get this - in order for us here in Britain to avoid food shortages, we have to avert grain to Africa issues by sending missiles?  Got it.

2.  Man from just off the A35

a. Clanet Povid (Intellectual Courage Edition):

Mike Yeadon has been proved right – we have been lied to

1.  DAD

Saturday's selection

a)    The 'Mail' become more divided than ever.

a1)    Climate change is nonsense.    

It publishes this video.....    

a2)   But also...

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  1. The professional view of the latest 'scare story';
    Is this a re-run?