Saturday, May 14, 2022

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A weak light insinuates itself outside.

3.  Further to N1

I watched clips from Zulu last evening.  Quite apart from that event, Rorke's Drift, plus Custer's Last Stand and the Charge of the Light Brigade being quite unnecessary in that form at that time, a whim of the order giver, just as with Gallipoli ... how many other such 'events' have there been where people have gone to their deaths for no legit reason, when the alternative was right there before them?

Kathy Barnette ... why did she leave the service?  Well, apart from the given reasons on both sides, what if it was just a variant of what I've posted this morning?  That those ordering us to do things are donkeys or worse ... there was a quote long ago [have forgotten by whom] and it was that, like every American kid of the era, he watched cowboys and indians and was 'rooting for Gary Cooper', then realised that he was actually the indian in that situation.

In my case and yours too, which are we?  The Gary Coopers or the natives?  In either case, the thinking and policy and actions from above are insane, those giving orders are part of the insanity ... and so Kathy Barnette found herself wishing to be loyal ... and yet what was the one giving orders?  Sane? Many a soldier has felt that.  Just what is he giving his life for here?

Pressed, of course we all say and mean it ... we would defend our land to death if a clear invader crossed the borders ... Dad's Army and all that, not an issue, given a morally unambiguous choice.  But this is not unambiguous ... the morality is complex on it.

It's always been my dilemma ... thinking too much.  At heart a loyalist, wishing to be able to support God, Queen and country and by extension, native families, natives being us.  And yet here we are today ... radicals, calling out the treason above.

2.  Man from the West Country

1.  Saw this from Croydon Constitutionalist
“Last year it was the turn of the Dorset Echo to inform its readers that the waters would soon be lapping around the village of Lytchett Minster... Even at the higher rate, it would take over 8,000 years to lap the steps of these two sites.”
The topic is, of course, not learned discussion about inches of encroachment but the fearmongering itself ... and what this actual fearmongering does to every part of society, out of all proportion to any real, natural threat, should there even be one.  

The word 'nonsense' was used by a reader the other day ... well here's precisely that, plus something not nonsense ... a real, extant threat or four, due to not just policy wrongness but to things in each of our lives anyway we could list in point form to any listener ... things which by the law of averages must soon go awry.  

I for one could cite dental work, heart, other things which are right on the edge and need either a lucky break to hold off or else the grace of God, should one believe in Him, which I happen to with my historical perspective on life.  That's a very awkward way of saying that things are edgy enough as they are, without all this other guff thrown in to make life near impossible.

And the wrongness is jawdropping ... look at the paedo issue, drag shows for toddlers of five to seven forced to confront bizarre things which supposed adults are laying on them about sexuality for crying out loud ... all this we know is completely and utterly wrong ... it is irreversibly damaging kids and for what?  With what cumulative effect, should sufficient teachers and key people in a child's life be part of it all?

Even the words 'we know' are not a given any more.  What are the odds that that affable person we meet in a shop is not certifiably crazy?  I'd say, given what people are just going along with as 'real', totally wrongly and unnecessarily, makes those people, in aggregate, highly dangerous.  Especially should they decide to turn us into 'authority' for wrongthink.

I lived over in Russia, I saw and heard the vestiges of it, I read the old Soviet school texts.  I know about the little office in the yard where people went to denounce their neighbours, I saw that room, I heard about the Brazil film type fear, only for real in this case, of a black moriah turning up at midnight to take the family member away for 'questioning'.

Firemen as firestarters, medicos not as savers but now as dispatchers, the whole bureaucratic idiocy surrounding it, medical staff in hazmat suits for your annual dental check up.  And so on.

Multiplicity of loony layers laid upon us in addition to what is already difficult enough.  And do not dismiss the mass invasion of alien cultures, let alone the strain on services.  And what of expertise now?  Medical expertise for example?  Critical race theory in schools?  What percentage of us are still there, actually, who just want it all to stop, whilst crazies in office are doing their darndest to make it worse, to an exponential degree?

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