Friday, January 14, 2022

Try these

  1. Highest flying animal [no tricks, birds count].
  2. Fastest man-made object ever.
  3. First commercial film in colour [8 minutes]. When?
  4. Second most populous mammals [on earth, in air or water].
  5. Farthest a standing human can see unobstructed.
  6. Pi to five decimal places.
  7. Largest pie ever was what type?


  1. 5. If you stand on a mountain top on the peninsula of NW Iceland you can, if the atmospheric conditions are just right, see the mountains of E. Greenland. In other words how far you can see depends on whether the atmosphere co-operates in bending light for you.

    1. Under the right conditions I can see the Andromeda nebula galaxy.

    2. I can see Russia from Alaska, the Palin Effect.

  2. 5. It's claimed that under ordinary atmospheric conditions the longest direct line of sight in the British Isles is from Merrick - a hill in Galloway - to Snaefell in Man.

  3. 1. Some tiny insect.
    2. The Parker Solar Probe. But then it is all relative.
    3. King and Queen in India. Those were the days.
    4. Some wee rodent during a plague.
    5. See above.(See what I did there?)
    6. 22 over 7. Can't be bothered cheating.
    7.There was a big pecan pie, 40000 pounds, made in Cohen, El Paso, for Two Jag Prescott's state visit. He reportedly asked what was going to follow the starter.

  4. 1. It's a bird, which?
    2. PSP, yes.
    3. 1908.
    4. I ate part of one.
    5. Various answers.
    6. Five places.
    7. Perhaps. The one I have was in Bremen.

  5. 1. Vulture
    6. 3.14159 used to use this when cutting the metal for making round kilns (Pi x Diameter). I would round up to 3.142 then trim excess metal.

  6. Q5 is ambiguous as it does not specify, for example, height above sea level or within/outside the atmosphere (which would be an obstacle). A person with vision in peak condition, standing on a flat surface at sea level (eyes about 6 feet off the ground), with an unobstructed view can only see as far as the horizon, which according to the curvature of the earth (checked online) is about 3 miles. Its one of those "what is the velocity of an unladen sparrow" questions. And no, I'm not going to even try to answer that one.

  7. Robbo:
    4. It's got to be something that lives with or by humans. Sheep? Rat? Dog?

  8. Griffon vulture, yes, 33-37 thou feet. To the Seaside [1908] Yes, vague about the horizon.

  9. 2: Probably the "Atomic Manhole Cover"