Sunday, January 23, 2022

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15.  Teachers and liberty

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Just two hours later we revealed the average cost of an MP has increased by 29 per cent over the covid pandemic, from £157,747 in 2019-20 to £203,880 in 2020-21. Furthermore, the total cost of MPs’ expenses was up 4.6 per cent on the previous year to £132.5 million, including claims for travel and food of over £2 million. 
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11.  Steve


That's one of the best videos I've seen thus far mate. Explaining what we've just been through was never going to be easy because there are so many parts to it. Some entity assumed control; used it against the people of this world for an undisclosed reason - so we are left guessing what it is that they want. Depopulation? That would be to do with the long-term effects of the vaccine(s). The introduction of a 'digital identity'? It would have to be global (7 billion) for it to work properly for them. I don't know. The WEF, WHO, UN? We should just disband them all. These No Nations No Borders anti-human elites that are creating this vast monoculture should put down ASAP.


  1. Steve

    It is the eve of mass demonstrations across the world.

    War Room - It's all here:

    Episode 1,582 – Defeat The Mandates

    Episode 1,583 – Defeat The Mandates Cont.

  2. Just chanced upon:-

    "Evidence and Scenarios For Global Data Systems"

    ̶ Citizen data
    ̶ Governments
    ̶ Regional data systems
    ̶ Regulations
    ̶ Global trends
    ̶ Technologies
    ̶ COVID-19
    ̶ 2030 scenarios"

    "evidence suggests people in China typically indicate higher levels of trust and lower levels of
    concern over data use and privacy than those in the EU and US. However, it is unclear how
    far this is influenced by their governments’ approaches in the first place. Values may change
    rapidly over time, and within most countries there is significant variation in attitudes towards
    privacy concerns and levels of trust"

    Chinese people don't have a choice.

    There are more alarm bells
    "The UK should take opportunities to steer the formation of new global norms, as well
    as respond to them."Examples of what we mean by citizen data include:
    • Unique identifiers (e.g. NHS or passport number)
    • Shared identifiers (e.g. name, date of birth, address)
    • Biometric data (e.g. DNA, fingerprints)
    • Medical, educational or other records
    • Data generated or observed through interaction with services or devices, such as
    o Internet browsing history, tracking cookies, IP addresses
    o Video data (e.g. CCTV images)
    o Utility usage data (e.g. from smart meters)
    o Data generated though interaction with Internet of Things (IoT) devices (e.g.
    voice recordings)
    o Consumer data (e.g. online shopping behaviour)
    o Social media data
    o Location data (e.g. through fitness tracker apps)
    • Inferences, predictions and assumptions derived from data about people (e.g. digital
    profiles used for targeted advertising)
    • Metadata relating to data about people (e.g. when and how data was generated)
    • De-identified data (e.g. medical records with identifying fields removed or changed,
    for use in scientific research and planning)
    • Aggregate data such as census information, even if it is reportedly anonymised

    2030? UN2030 plan?