Thursday, December 02, 2021

Thursday [10 and 11]

And onwards towards noon.

11.  Mate just told me

... that Russell Effing Brand, the commie, had woken up from Wokery, his four million loony followers are now getting a taste of what we've had to put up with.  If so, good sign, even Andrew Sachs might forgive him.  If more of these slow on the uptake cretins do actually wake up ... weeelll ... sky's the limit, eh?

10.  Just back, some tales

... once the shopping's unpacked and breklunch is had. Actually, not a lot to tell.  Have some mulled wine here as a spare but bought spices for a bottle I'll get in a fortnight, so that's done, mince pies etc.  Just separated the chicken into carcass and bits for soup and the breast for sandwiches tomorrow.

Morrisons, talk about incongruous - through the tannoys  was this 'do they know it's Christmas' saccharinity, real retching stuff but on the floor below, people were ramming trolleys into others quite brusquely I felt, plus big fat mamas blocking aisles and stopping there to jaw-jaw, swearing, masks, the usual pre-Xmas horror ... but at least they're calling it Christmas.  Yay.

One nice thing, anyone would do it.  The little ole lady with her full trolley and walking frame thingy with basket queued behind me, no big deal, I sent her through but it was obvious she was struggling ... I zipped across and took the things out of the wheely basket, bobbing down, up etc.

It slowly dawned on me though when on the fifth rising I ... um ... couldn't get up, given last week's events with the back and I'd been so mobile till then.  Think she got the idea at that point I was no spring chicken.  

Out in the foyer where I pack the bags, I um ... had to sit down for a min.  Lady beside me, I said, 'Just regrouping, sometimes one needs a minute's rest.'

'Sun's glaring through that window,' she replied and it was true - the bl***y thing was boring into our eyes.

The only real disappointment was I didn't get to use my line.  Goes like this:

Karen: Sorry I came into your space then.

Me: No matter, I'm a Pureblood, me no succumb bad virus.

Karen:  Wot yer talking about, you're a danger to others.

Me:  Other way around love, you're the ones with no natural immunity any more, razor blades cutting organs to shreds.  Had your third deathjab?

But I never got the chance to do it.  Maybe coz I chose to wear a mask so the vaxxed couldn't shed over me.

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