Friday, November 26, 2021

The long march through the institutions

Now onto these two prats and their self-loathing.  There's a golden rule that whatever personal views you have outside the norm, keep them away from your workplace, keep them to yourselves in a civilised society, particularly quite sick ideas, bizarre.

This pair can't do that, they have to visit their rubbish, rubbish which has been roundly and soundly rejected by the majority of western society, upon the very people who fund them, in this case the sane.

It was noticed by Sky News Oz:

The Woke cancer really does get in through every fissure and crack, it's virulent and vicious, far worse than any variant of the virus - it's the N1 western disease, ahead, even, of heart disease.  

In fact, it is a disease of the heart in a sense.  And as this is a Christmas thing and as those two prats at the top are purportedly Christian, then their theology is certainly shaky.  As one of the Oz ladies pointed out, and I paraphrase, a person doesn't need to atone for sins which were nothing to do with him/her, that's what Jesus died for, 'the rest of us just need to repent for our own sins'.


  1. I was an Officer in the Salvation Army in the 1960s. I left because I experienced (as did many other Officers to whom I spoke) a two-faced attitude to many thing between the simple Christians, lower ranked Officers compared with many of those at the top. An example: Do you remember the "Joystrings" singing group? The 'girls' had short skirts to attract the medea, but the official length for others was just below the knee.
    The turn-over of young Officers has always been very high as they became aware of the problems in the SA.

    1. Both my father and I worked briefly at the SA owned Campfield Press which printed the War Cry. It was a long-standing joke that when the front cover sported a photo of the girls, additional skirt had to be airbrushed on.

  2. I had long assumed the Sal Dals to be the last national charity to which I could happily donate money. But not now they're Nazi.