Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tuesday [1 to 4]

Morning, all!

4.  Steve

a.  Wisconsin:

Investigation by Wisconsin HOT Uncovers Information Election Outsiders Secretly Worked to Develop an App to Track Voters and Ballots in Wisconsin


b.  The Donald:

SKY News Host Rowan Dean: “Trump 2024, de Santis 2028 and 2032. We’ve got 12 great years coming”


c.  Gov. DeSantis Calls For “Mad Scientist” Fauci to be Fired and Investigated for Funding Illegal Gain-of-Function Research and Beagle Torture 


d.  New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Happily Admits She Created Two Classes of People: The Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated 


e.  Steve elsewhere:


3.  This shooting biz

Andy's been ferreting:


2.  PD

a.  Sam Tripoli interviews CH. The Farcebook hack, SOC and other stuff.


It is from a couple of weeks ago and just uploaded to Bitchute.

b.  Make of this what you will. Interesting if true.


1.  Haiku, from that SAARP journal

[I think referring to the UK, not sure how current it is, no date:]

The Tory party is about to become even more unpopular with younger voters. It plans to tax the working-age population more to support the old. But this funding stream is becoming increasingly unsustainable. In 1971, there were 4.6 working-age people for every person over the age of 65. Last year, it was down to 3.3. And the ratio is set to decline further. The Office for National Statistics predicts that by 2050 it will fall to 2.3. The government isn't just running out of other people's money; it's running out of workers, too.  [The Spectator]

That's what happens when you try to wreck society, politically and turn women into gorgons, men into feckless welfare recipients, preferring single mothers to families, support sicko gender policies.

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  1. There's a Charles Windsor in the black book too. Trump is in it, so is Ivanka. More important to know who is on the flight logs. The aforementioned aren't. Don't know if the suspect is.