Monday, August 02, 2021

Monday [4 to 11]

11.  microdave and plod

It seems you were right to caution about the "police chief" supposedly organising an overthrow of government:

10.  DAD with more on the Great Lavender Crisis

More info on the EU proposed ban on lavender.

More marches on the streets in northern Provence?

9.  AK Haart 

... is a chappy who likes good jazz and is also well read, crazy about Spinoza and others - the point is he's not a born radical, he's more mainstream in some ways, living the retired life and so, to write like this:

The colossal cost, locking up healthy, low risk people, closing schools when children are virtually immune, obsessively detailed social contact rules, pointless mask wearing, badly damaged economy and businesses, wildly exaggerated risks, constant confusing rule and policy changes, constant megaphone propaganda and to top it all there is no good evidence that any of it was worthwhile.

Now we have the climate change narrative being pumped up to lunatic levels of scary nonsense based on comic-book fantasies about our supposed effect on the global climate. It has been an extremely sobering reminder of just how necessary it is to explain political lunacy.

... really does show that the mania has seeped into and attacked the quiet majority and the quiet majority does not like it one bit. How far will the maniacs go in trying to push the AK Haarts?

8.  A bit puzzled

Steve says, 'Onward Christian Soldiers' and then something about Covid, whereas the irony would be better directed at what Ripper sent with a warning to be careful. 


Same old thing all over again:

a.  Organised religion is a hotbed for that sort of thing on many grounds. The instant you make a commitment to any sort of moral stance as an organisation, it's red rag to a gleeful secular bull to find someone within there who's fallen away or else the organisation itself is riddled with it.  I mean, night follows day, eh?

And the reason, in religious terms, is in a quote from long ago about wherever God builds a church, the devil will there build a chapel.  Whenever anything or anyone aspires to nobility or ethics - in come those rubbing the hands with glee, salivating over finding a sinner who is doing quite the opposite.

And it's dead easy to find.

b.  If a supposedly moral video company places, in the same url, salacious references to kiddy stuff, plus the word 'watch', then that's no better than the Wail.  Obviously we're doing no such thing here, which is why that's not the real url.  

For a start we can't afford to issue such an invitation because we're watched liked hawks and secondly, people really have to get their act together about viewing atrocities of any kind.  It's not unlike a death cult massacre and people just film it on phones.  It's really off you know.  Ugggghhhh.

I'd advise to go nowhere near such stuff, all we need to know is that Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be harbouring the type of person who is not just going to bring the denomination down but the entire faith if they can.

UPDATE:  Ok, I’ve watched as much of Steve’s Cv devil’s number thing as I can.  I do wish they’d keep that for the congregation as it’s esoteric.  In the wider world, better to be less fanatical.  In fact, be like Jesus Himself who was quite calm in his delivery - blessed are the cheesemakers etc.

7.  Ripper

a.  Some stuff from Hugo. In the first episode he talks about the Mexican prez stance on the vaxx. I think we need to keep our eyes on this one, only last week the prez of Madagascar survived an assassination attempt.

b.  Boris and hypocrisy

c.  Piers Corbyn doing what the Corbyn bros. do best. Hopefully we are rid of him now.

6.  Steve

Onward Christian Soldiers :)

Covid Was By Design

5.  Just compounding what we know

... haiku also sends:

Please also see Sunday [4]:

... which is probably pretty right on this matter.

4.  Haiku shows the new South African Hilux

  • Based on the trusted Toyota Hilux single cab
  • Can carry up to 8 people
  • AK47 assault rifle protection for cabin and canopy
  • Homologated to 3 499 kg GVM
  • 6 x seats, seatbelts and aircon provided in the canopy
  • Windows with gun ports and an escape hatch
  • Cost effective solution with low running costs.


  1. I had no opinion on Piers Corbyn, still don't. Haven't watched the set-up video, nor will I. Not interested in the ins and outs, defences and accusations. I'll stick to what I know from the incident. Two Youtubers when out out of their way to create a set up. For clicks? At the suggestion and instigation of another party? Don't know, but either way we get a glimpse of the corrosive influence of the currency of influence coupled the the currency of cash.
    This is quite unlike say, a Project Veritas investigation where miscreants are recorded going about their daily criminal activities without any encouragement or entrapment. With this incident we know there was an initiator, we don't know who or what their intentions are but I'm going to allow myself a guess that those intentions are not good.

    1. This is one which slipped by for me, vaguely recall. Anything we need to know?

    2. Corbyn, as we know, is central to the freedom fighters which collected in London last week and included Kate Shemirani and Louise Hampton. There are many other good people in that cause as well.

      Corbyn got stitched up by a prank, offering him a bribe of £10k, the deal was that he excluded Astra Zeneca from the narrative. They recorded the meeting, and Corbyn couldn't wait to feel the wad of cash. At the point of handing over the bribe money, which they had shown him, one of their girlfriends distracted Corbyn whilst another prankster walked by and switched the envelope containing the cash for an identical one containing Monopoly money.

      Corbyn put up a response video with excuses so pathetic its not worth our time. Normally I would dislike people like those pranksters but I feel they did us a favour.

      Of course, this is going to damage the freedom fighters. Knowing who his brother is, I never trusted that guy from the start. Its Tommy Robinson all over again.

  2. Nothing beyond my pattern recognition and I acknowledge there is no reason anyone should rely on it or accept that it even exists. I see a systematic and ruthless worldwide pattern of suppression of dissent using various methods up to and including assassination.

  3. Americas Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit, one year anniversary. Can only find parts 5 to 9 as yet.

    Part 5 -

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