Monday, July 26, 2021

Try these

Name the eatery or drinkery:

1.  This Upper West Side Jewish deli was an Anthony Bourdain favourite — he once called it the “quintessential New York City breakfast” — and his go-to order was that Novia Scotia lox egg scramble, plus some bagels. [Hint: Ba Gr]

2.  A great jambon-beurre is all about the quality of its only three ingredients: Parisian ham, butter and, of course, the crispy baguette that’s holding the magic together. [Hint: La Fo de Be]

3.  Dishes like roast lamb, salads, fish and delicious homemade desserts regularly feature on the menu, but the real star is their highly acclaimed Cocido Madrileno. [Hint: La Bo** in Madrid]

4.  Firenze: We enjoyed a bowl of Ribolitta, a Tuscan traditional vegetable bread soup; Prosciutto e Melone, local ham and melon; Porchetta Con Patate Al Forno, another traditional dish of a big slice of roast pork with crackling skin served with roast potatoes; and Erbette Miste Al Vapore, steamed greens. [Hint: Fiaschetteria Os Nu]

5.  No hints with this last one, sorry, too easy: £19.95, Sandwich selection: Cucumber, dill and cream cheese, Coronation Yorkshire chicken, Ham and wholegrain mustard, Bleikers’ tea-smoked salmon; Miniature cake selection: Mango & raspberry slice, Coconut & lime battenberg, Chocolate cube; Sultana scone with strawberry preserve and clotted cream; Tea.


  1. Replies
    1. Got that one right! You win! Prize is burnt pizza Chez Higham.

      1. Barney Greengrass, 2. La Fontaine de Belleville, 3. La Bola, 4. Fiaschetteria Osteria Nuvoli

  2. I've never encountered a bagel that was remotely edible.