Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Midweek [19 to 21]

21.  Via Rossa's mother, one Chris Langan

Remember - the banksters, ever mindful of all the bad karma they generate, always tell you what's coming (usually in as sneaky and cryptic a way as possible, although this is right in our faces). It seems that the 5G + corona angle may not have been idle speculation.

(It's a brand new British 20-pound note clearly depicting a virus particle, and below it, a 5G tower emitting em radiation. I've replaced the previous echoing video with a clear picture.)

Obviously, the above is not for reproduction.

Your call on what the chap feels it is?

20.  DR I think at t'other place

19.  Haiku

No doubt, this virus is deadly to the elderly with underlying risks as well as very obese persons, or some younger persons who are ill, etc. But this is a segment of the population and not the vast majority. The vast majority were never at risk from COVID as governments claimed they were – a pure lie. It is akin to the falsehood about coronavirus deaths in children: close examination of all the deaths in children found that in all of them, there was a serious underlying medical condition. Even Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins states that to date (July 2021), we are unable to be definitive as to whether these deaths were causal or incidental.
Ripper would reiterate that it was never isolated but they do cover that further up in the article.

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  1. 20. You've already posted that @10.

    You seem to have missed this though from here earlier or maybe it was deliberate, idk? Seems pretty fraught here atm. :)