Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tuesday [15 to 20]

Part two of sleeping coming up here => 1 a.m. until about 6 a.m. hopefully,  nigh nigh all.

20.  From Russia with love

My mate over there is not in a good way, nor members of his family, plus he lost someone a few days back.  I said not a word about Cv and vaxxes, stayed off the topic after offering condolences, did not send anything about Guillain-Barre Syndrome and having vaxxes - what was the point?

What we did do was cover politics within limits and with many euphemisms and he illustrated the point, unwittingly, that he and they are very much onside with much of our dissidence, he is raging about why "we" have "decided" to follow that destructive way his country did for decades - he has the net and sees loony westerners online defending the most destructive Woke policies - not just college kids either but so many supposedly sane adults.  "Why? Why? Why?" he asked. "Why on earth?"

My reply was to remind him of when we used to drive to the new Ikea for something to eat [yes, you read that right].  I said to him - you remember what you said to me when I kept asking why?  He replied at the time - after some years here, you learn to stop asking why.

When we talk cabal here, it's so dead easy to see - just look at the myriad notes and links we have on this site alone.  Of course there is this bleedin' cabal and they have us at each other's throats.  But over there, they still have the vestiges of the Soviet infrastructure, along with the siloviki and it really does skew the view somewhat.  Russia and Russians are not completely the same as us, the reaction will not be the same on all matters.

For example, we spoke of [or rather I did] the notion of "nativism" versus nationalism. Another bleedin weasel word was his reaction, I explained that this was one time the forces of Wokery might have something.  It's a bit like this - anyone can be nationalist, meaning anyone within the actual borders but that includes those “za granitsu”, or from outside the borders, i.e. the invaders now and back a few decades. 

As an eastern European, this is a hot topic and he was bristling, I can tell you.  They are very, very protective of their borders over there and I say with good reason.  "Nationalism" as a word starts to lose its meaning because it includes all these invaders as well - not assimilating in the least, not of our "stock" in any way, planning to follow their own culture and laws, however savage those are.

So this term of attack on us - "nativism" - is actually a useful word. It means those who value their history, culture etc.  Now I was a perfect example over there of a welcome foreigner because my aim was to assimilate asap, to speak the language outside my work, we spoke of my friendship with the head of the Russian dept at our school, always in Russian language and both of us - my mate and I - agreed it is the job of any coming within borders to assimilate - otherwise why are they there?

I mentioned the US and how the good parts of the country are now being invaded by the bad, e.g. the exodus from California, bringing their detestable Woke values with them and driving up house prices wherever they take their liberalism.  That's another story.  Back to Russia, or rather Germany - I saw an article about far right groups in Germany and the largest is not German - it's Turkish.  No prizes for where that article was.

A nation simply must preserve its past and culture, however bad or good, from attack by others coming in and trying to turn it into a muddy subhuman soup.  My mate asked why our people here in the west don't understand this simple principle?

Sigh - mainly because they have never lived under oppression, have not seen it at first hand, though their starting to in their tail between legs compliant way, they're largely leftist loonies and it's university, college staff, teachers in schools, who are spreading this dangerous poison to impressionable kids' minds. 

Litmus test - teaching kids about puberty blockers and pronouns is sane?  And us, insisting kids are left alone to grow up steeped in their culture - this is insane and we’re nutters?

There used to be headteachers of sanity regulating that, now there are just feminazis and male Wokists.  So it becomes cumulative.  Sad, sad thing in the west and it's quite deliberate, very much an agenda or four and they even name their agendas, e.g. Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and so on.  

Loony Cortez is a perfect example - what she fails to understand is that her fellow squaddie, Omar, whom she thinks is part of this big, muddy soup happy family in the new nirvana, actually wishes to kill her after first enslaving her. Cortez has neither the history nor the brains to understand.

But this is singing to the choir.

19.  Concerning here and t'other place

The core reason for t'other place is anything requiring a display, e.g. tweets in comments.  It's not just for my benefit - it also helps readers who do not wish to go into Twitter itself - it displays well in comments over there.  Some other platforms display better over there as well.

My job is to then bring the links back over here so that those who do go into Twitter can just click. I'd suggest, and it's only a suggestion, you do as you wish, that some of Torquaymada's links there can display fine here ... up to him. 

The whole idea is solely to get things displaying.  I've used the Blogger embedding method for youtubes as well from my bed on the ipad a few times today as ipad does not allow code copying [iframe], only the laptop at the computer desk does.  Yet i know some people can then not see the YTs.  If I do that, I'll need to also put the link underneath here.

This whole rigmarole seems unnecessary to those of you for whom things display fine but that's not the case for all readers ... I'm at the hub and have to maximise access for as many as poss.

18.  Torquaymada

Latest update to EU Database of adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines 

17.  Microdave

Re #6b - A voting machine was found to contain a "Piggy-Back" circuit board & SIM card, so it's debatable whether getting hold of landline/cable routers will find anything incriminating. If the bastards were THAT determined to fiddle the results, I'm sure they would have done all the dodgy work via those "Back Doors"... 

16. Steve

a.  More State Delegations Tour The Arizona Audit Including Oregon and Washington – “The Freight Train of Audits” continues! 

b.  Arizona's Katie Hobbs Suffers Complete Meltdown on CNN - The Truth Is Coming 

c.  Arizona Audit: Chairwoman Dr Kelli Ward Corrects The LYING Anderson Cooper 

d.  Arizona Senate to Adjourn Before Arizona Audit Results Released – Not Scheduled to Reconvene Until 2022 

e.  Fulton County: The ACLU Hired 255 Workers for Georgia’s Fulton County to Be Deputy Registrars And Gave Them Full Internet and Voter Roll Access – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 

f.  Related: Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell Go Off on RNC for Ignoring Election Fraud 

g.  Untested Waters: Trump 2020 Strategic Advisor Epshteyn says Constitution Does Not Prohibit Trump from Being Reinstated as President (Video) 

h.  Planet Covid (Undiscovered Country Edition): 15,472 Dead 1.5 Million Injured (50 per cent serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots 

i. Evidence the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing Children 

j.  Former Head Scientist at Pfizer Says Covid Threat is 100 Per Cent Fake 

15.  By way of explanation

Just awoke, after crashing early evening.  That crashing was deliberate, wrote to a friend about it, then zonked. I can get these sudden attacks, can't explain but it happens and it's as if it decides where to hit this time - might be sciatica, might be arms this time, might be throat, ears, eyes, might be teeth, a cough, stomach - it at least varies it. 

I've a set of measures, inc. liquid, HCQ, Strepsils, aspirin, whatever, proper food and if overwhelmed - sleep.  As you can see now, I'm out the other side of that around 11 p.m., which does throw the blog out a bit - sorry 'bout that.

I notice a few comments so shall get those up now if they have links.  Give me time to gather [nuts in spring].

Had a talk to my Russian mate, covered so much ground, inc. Dawkins - same situation and yet different over there, need another post to cover all that.

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  1. Toodles.

    Recent conversation with neighbor.

    After niceties and fun chat we got to the topic of 'The Vaxx'.

    Neighbor: Yes, we both got the shots (vaxx). The site of the jabs really hurt for a few days other than that no problems.

    Toodles: That is good to hear. We have not gotten them. Are not. I am not comfortable with...

    Neighbor: Oh we are doing fine. Not worried about it. Hubby researched the vaxxes and he said nothing is in them that is dangerous.

    Toodles: Really? (his brother is a medical doctor, deceased dad was a doctor so I assume he absorbed knowledge via them) From my reading (N.O.and research geniuses who contribute!) I am certainly dubious about them to say the least.

    Neighbor: We have no problem with people who are "afraid" to take the vaxx. We understand. Our son and d-in-l are "afraid" of the vaxxes so are not getting jabbed. Neither is my (who in the world knows?). We appreciate the stance taken by those who are "afraid".

    Toodles: Yep, I am not comfortable one iota with them. Also, I don't want Bye Den and Hollywood, and numerous others who are most likely not getting the vaxx themselves telling me how I handle my body. Guilting, threatening, making it a fun thing, insisting it's my duty, enticing me (so enticed) to be a part of the global community as in 'We are all on this this together' junk and so on is not a good thing to me.

    Neighbor: Oh! We decided months ago to get the shots...way back in March! 'He'was not the reason we got vaxxed. Once again, we have no problem if you and others are "afraid" to get the vaxx.

    Toodles: Well...Neighbor, that brings me great comfort that you don't hold it against me like many people do that I am not getting axed...vaxxed. I appreciate your understanding. I also will not hold it against those like you who are "afraid" NOT to get the vaxx.

    Neighbor: Oh yes yes...I see.

    We exchanged organic eggs and for homegrown tomatoes and lovely sweet basil and said goodbye and enjoy in good health.