Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thursday [3 to 7]

7.  Housekeeping

I’m aware the Powell Rumble is in the middle of the Navarro item.  Dare not try to move it - it’s not an iframe you see, it’s meta and can’t be seen.  Google are a bit wonky with those things and I try to minimise code changes in situ when posted.

6.  Steve

[I've not a clue if I ran this last evening or not, was compost mentis - let's run it:]

a.  Maricopa County: Arizona Audit Update: Hand-count Is Completed – Paper Ballot Examination Continues – 100 Thousand Ballots Inspected per Day 

b.  Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (2 videos) 

c.  Related: The Gateway Pundit Live with Dr Peter Navarro 

d. Sidney Powell Joins Steve Bannon on The War Room after Mail Chimp De-Platforms her Email Account 

e.  Additional: Mo Brooks Unloads on Media Hack Defending Chi-Coms During Presser on Fire Fauci Act 

f.  Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker Releases Tape of Bosses; Sounds Alarm on 'Corruption' & 'Censorship' 

g.  I post late in the evening because of the time difference between here and the US - to get more info from the day over there.

5.  Ripper

a.  More exposure of the UK Police from Crimebodge: 

b.  No laughing at the back!!

4.  DR

a.  The four unjust men. I sooooo hope this is a "nail in all their coffins". 

[Repeating this, it's a good stance:]

b.  Surprising what you can find on the net ;-) 


My position on the audits, fwiw, is not to get emotionally tied in to the daily ups and downs or the fine detail or read every single report on them. (Same with coronamania - I know it was a FF event to bring about the not-so-great reset - we'd worked that out last year. 

Also we worked it out that it wasn't about the virus but rather the push for jabs - Them told us via Gates et al that this was in the works ages ago and to what end) In a nutshell, the DS cheated, the White-hats (for want of a better term) will do their damnedest to fight back using every legal process open to them for however long it takes. 

In the meantime States are taking back control over their election process and telling the Federal govt to naff off. Future elections will be more secure as a result. That I do believe was always part of the plan to allow this to happen. I am now convinced Trump and his allies knew what the DS was up to and had to let them appear to get away with it so as to let the crime occur. 

Without evidence of a crime there can be no prosecutions. Sometimes the people have to be shown how bad things are to wake them up. Without evidence the sheep won't believe crimes were perpetrated. I'd like them to get a move on and get it over with but it is down to Divine timing, not mine.

3.  Status report at 09:31

Personally, I'm up to 6/10 and the strength is coming back, just been shopping, must be careful with the Pontius Pilating when I get back. Even put a wash on.  Still going to take it moderately though, maybe fewer posts today, unless easy ones.

The pretend HCQ is brill, does the job in combination with whatever else is going on - most of it I don't even know about and don't want to.  Whatever it is, even the Good Lord Above, let it continue.

As for the politics, the advantage is ours, as Nero Wolfe said - we have time, need to be thorough.  If I repeated anything from Steve or other "crew", so what?  If I left something out, just remind me.

Sidney Powell and MTG - these gals, plus Mindy, along with all of us from Steve Bannon to all the others working hard - they lift my mood something wonderful.  What sort of insane person would support the cabal and place-people up and down society, plus the mask-sheeple?  I'd vastly prefer to support the people of the land.  Does it give them a sense of power over others?  Sheesh!

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