Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday [3 to 7]

7.  Dedicated to Dearieme

6.  People are starting to pick up on this now
Corporations Like Blackrock Are Buying Up Thousands of Homes Over Asking Price, Completely Pricing Americans Out of the Market
We had it first from RM [Rossa's mother].  It's the big sleeper issue, methinks.

5.  Yes but not for the first time, is it?

Warning - this is the MSM:

4.  Oh the irony [DR]

a.  "This is rich. Sky News reports that Airlines in Spain and Russia are now advising travelers NOT to fly if they've gotten the vaccine, due to the risk of blood clots!"


b.  They're rushing to disassociate themselves from Daszak. Imagine that! 

"NEW - Pulitzer edited Daszak out of its website. Amy Maxmen, who wrote numerous articles in the Nature magazine disavowing the Wuhan lab leak theory, claimed she never met Daszak and photos were deepfakes, then deleted the tweet and locked her replies after a video was unearthed."


c.  Dunno if folks will be able to see this but here goes anyway. 


d.  There won't be any men soon if the young men risk the wacky-vaccy 

Look at #6 & #7 on that thread.

3.  And there it is

England management and players plead with fans not to boo when they take the knee and England fans plead to the tossers not to take the knee.  Which side should be listened to?

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