Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday [1 to 4]

4.  Let's repeat this via DR

The SPARS document is of importance and the link will appear in the sidebar, along with the transcript page link [yet to be collated].  Plan is to transfer to that page, listen through the Sky vid again and then link in the sidebar.

The SPARS doc pdf link to the scamdemic blueprint is filed here in all its glory:

3.  Steve

a.  Maricopa County:  Eric Greitens (Navy SEAL) at Arizona Audit: No Ballots = No Victory “I Think We’re Going to See a Freight Train of Audits Across the Country” (VIDEO)

b.  Wisconsin: Wisconsin Election Audit Actions to Date Are a Joke – Why Is Wisconsin Happy With 143,000 Votes Dropped for Biden the Day After the Election?

c.  Pennsylvania: Calling Out Senator Dave Argall – What Are You Waiting For? – Don't Drop The Ball In Pennsylvania!

d.  The Same Suspicious SQL Software Discovered in Michigan Dominion Voting Machines Was Just Found in Pennsylvania Dominion Voting Machines

2.  DR and Steve

a.  DR said:

Get those tribunals ready - "Crimes Against Humanity" is the charge. Watch: 2018 Video Shows Wuhan Lab Partner Scheming On How To Make Money From A Pandemic.

b.  Steve adds:

[i]  Indeed:  As the hoax unravels, it is time to look ahead towards some much-needed justice

[ii]  Planet Covid: Official Data shows more people have died because of the Covid Vaccines in 6 months than people who have died of Covid-19 in 15 months

[iii]  UK Medical Doctor - Experimental COVID-19 "Vaccines" and Genocide

[iv]  WHO Whistle Blower Astrid Stuckelberger | Global Corruption

1.  Blind leading the blind?

Or wilful disinformationists all?  Lockdown Sceptics:

The four-week delay was signed off by the quad group of senior ministers – Johnson, Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, and Matt Hancock, the health secretary – after a briefing by Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser.

And a nation is at the mercy of these clowns?


  1. With all the cv and audits taking our attention (mostly) this went under the radar.

    Now when will someone actually do something about it? That's the question.

  2. Dashed hypocrites. But we know that already....