Monday, June 21, 2021

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6.  Sky News Oz has some good things

Always interesting to see/hear how outside observers see our situation:

5.  DR sends

"30 mins and worth every minute, imho"

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4.  Steve

a.  Maricopa County: Arizona Audit – Spox Randy Pullen: “The Report is Going to Come Out and There’s No Doubt that it Will Be Challenged” 

b.  Fulton County: It Was A Voter Fraud Factory: 2nd Carter Jones Report Describes Complete Breakdown of Georgia Election Systems — Ballots Everywhere, No Chain Of Custody, Complete Disarray And We Have The Video 

c.  We Caught Them: President Trump Warned Raffensperger and His Attorney Ryan Germany About Election Fraud – New Evidence Shows Germany Was Made Aware of Election Fraud On Election Night And Hid This From President Trump 

d.  Pennsylvania: Update: Pennsylvania Poised for Arizona-Style Ballot Audit – State Committee Chairman Considers Subpoenas for Ballot Audit 

3.  DR [added to if any incoming]

a.  More internet outages: 

b.  Again:

Who controls UK's finance 

2.  Predictable badmouthing

Were a feminazi or one of Them to attack me personally, it's hardly something to ruffle feathers, it's par for the course, innit?  It's not unlike someone from inside "intellectual", tenured academia, the heirs of Eric Foner, being called "the left" by those outside and yet it's not quite so - it's more "Them enablers", witting and unwitting. Cabalist enablers, brainwashers of kids for a destructive narrative.

And naturally, to those worthy men and women, I'd be a nutter and/or non-intellectual ... yawn ... it's taken me decades to cultivate this disrespectful persona towards academia, the hand which fed me.  However, the latest to have a dig caused me to go back over this blog's past and ... looking at some of the earlier posts, they were clearly the output of someone starting out in this game.  There were some exceptions, e.g. the compilation post on dumbing down of education which still stands up, the one on PCism, the later posts when Sonus came on board for some time, the guestposts.

In 2009, N.O. travelled across to WPdotorg and stayed there until 2021, meaning there were only occasional posts to keep the Blogger and freeWP versions going - archived numbers of posts show that.  Those were the "establishing" blogging years for N.O. where the principle of contributing readers and "staff" took hold and this blog is vastly better for it.  The collaboration with Ian P-J certainly nailed The Crown and the EU, not that many noticed.

In January, 2021, Chuckles died and it was a massive loss because he didn't just contribute, he took care of much of the tech side [don't forget OoL] and kept me provoked.  If we lost our current people, the loss could not be replaced, it's as simple as that.  The colour of N.O., it's tone, is set by these collaborations.

1.  The would-be new aristocracy

Not getting into a thing with John Ward here as he "reveals" about Hancock, that's been around some time and we've mentioned the monster's family, his brother, here before.
People might like to see Matthew Hancock as a bungling idiot out of his depth. But slowly emerging evidence suggests that he does know what he's doing - it's just not what he's paid to do. The Slog reveals who the Health Secretary works for, and why they value his contribution.
There's always a Hancock or Kissinger or Osborne or Colonel House and that combination immediately identifies the common factor. Cheney was one but not Rumsfeld.  Profile Cheney and you've profiled the Dulles Bros - these are the Minders, the Keepers of the Mysteries, appointed above all competence and impossible to rid yourself of without a huge internl battle.

Thereafter a new one arises after grooming. Nonentities in themselves but damaging beyond.  You can always sniff them out with their total lack of compassion for ordinary humans - it goes beyond toffiness because these are not toffs, they're would-be toffs, like Dick, who know they're nobodies without the Machine.


  1. Police Officer Speaks Out [30 mins and worth every minute, imho]

    That man is a hero. God bless him!!!!

    1. And now the b@st@rds at YT have removed it.

    2. Not unexpected, DR. The skeleton will stay up in the post as a reminder of this. One hopes it will appear on bitchute or brand new.

    3. Here's the bitchute link.

    4. Also been saved on Odysee,-listen-and-learn-and-lets-get-them-told---The-:6

  2. Steve

    6. Sky News Oz has some good things


    Joe Biden’s wife seems to be ‘running the show’