Friday, June 18, 2021

For me, in the end, it comes down to values, first and foremost

Yes, this is the third time I've run this YT because there's something new I see each time and last time I pointed to different songs, this time to 09:40 to 14:50 only, which showcases three things I'd like to dwell on for a short while.

1.  Whether this could really be called Zydeco or not. I'd suggest it's not - it uses Zydeco instruments and occasional up tempo speed but it's basically country from that singer songwriter accordionist and the nature of the songs is a fair way from Zydeco which is more openly sexual.

What's more, it's north-eastern, not south-western.

2.  On that point about the lyrics, let me combine it with the patrons dancing - you get the occasional shot of them and it really underscores something I've started to get quite intense about of late - it's getting to the point I really can't stand non-physical dancing, failing to come to grips so to speak. 

Looking back historically, dancing was very much [ballroom etc.] male-female physical connection, danced to the rules of that dance and the mores and manners of the time.  But society frowned on public male-female physical connection - there were chaperones etc.  

Thus the more opportunity there was of coming to grips with the lady and vice-versa at dances, that's as far as it went because you went home later for the other thing with your one and only [save the last dance for me].

And if you listen to those lyrics where Betsy-Dawn Williams [the little rub-board player] is showcased best in this song, she is giving no come-on, she's stating that her one and only is there and when he wakes up in the morning, she'll be there beside him.  For me, that's what it's all about.

I was stupid enough once, way back, to succumb to the bonk, next morning she went and though we did go out a bit after that, it was an exercise in nothing in retrospect.  To me, the whole atmosphere in that room in this YT was romantic and sensual at the same time. My philosophy on all of that is - let's just wine and dine and dance for now, let's just enjoy - it will get willing enough later and will go for hours. 

And if it doesn't - why not?  Whatever is the point of wham bam thank you ma'am?  To me, that says you don't actually enjoy that gal as a person.  And if her attitude is Shades of Grey or Sex and the City - how shallow. Look, my libido is just as intense as any other man's, there'll be plenty of that later, but this go straight to N1 biz lacks all finesse, it's just the icing without the cake.  Are you satisfied just with the icing?   I want the whole package thank you.  Otherwise I see no point.

But things became twisted, deliberately so, after the 40s - and while they were starting to dance apart, just facing one another and gyrating or waving arms about, so the promiscuity in real life was also going on parallel.  So dancing lost all sensuality and all that was left was the bonk.  How shallow.

And I'm thinking I'm at odds with most women and men today on this.

3.  Which brings me to Betsy-Dawn Williams.  She's intriguing.  Why is she even there, playing that washboard with a bunch of oldies?  All right, only one real oldie but you get the drift.  On the dance floor, they were quite a mix - some older but mostly youngish and there were one-on-ones  going on all over the room.  In a good way, a non-smutty way.

B-D W was clearly liking being on stage with the band, she has her own band[s] elsewhere, plays guitar and sings, so what's with this oldies thing on scrub board?  I'm thinking she likes them as people, likes the atmosphere, likes the values. There's a whole lotta love going on there, not a whole lotta sex. I'm thinking she loves being loved.

So she's crazy in her movements but her values are straight and I for one like that too.  In fact, I'm liking this more and more as time goes by.  I find myself recoiling these days from the whole horror of twisted values out there, in the loss of chivalry as an expectation.

Music wise?  This track is a bit too slow country for me but the lyrics are first rate.  Not a country music fan and yet I play a fair bit of it, do I not?  There's something in the values I like.

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