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1.  Talk with a Russian

Before even getting onto that, clearing up the link issue Ripper set straight:

A necessary article at a much read site:

It’s not just every single newspaper and TV news station, right and left, that has betrayed us. But also pretty much every single commentator, including those whose stock in trade was (supposedly) telling it like it is without fear or favour.

Almost to a man and woman they’ve either surrendered after some token resistance or been totally useless throughout. Masked, cowed, compliant, Britain is a pale shadow of what it was just 18 months ago. 

‘That England that was wont to conquer others/Hath made a fatal conquest of itself.’ 

Lots of people are to blame for this wholly avoidable disaster. But definitely among the worst offenders in that rogues’ gallery of shame is our craven, spavined and spineless media.

Not sure Dellers has quite got it yet. It’s not cowardice as such but agenda - they hold those jobs they have, as propagandists, only as propagandists.  This is full blown communism coming in here.  

The reason Dellers and any other Brit-bound Brits can’t get it is they never lived under such a system before.  It’s no badge of honour for anyone who did find himself doing it - China included - but accident of circumstance and opportunity in the eyes of the secular.

Essentially, I bought my first internet connection around 2003 in Russia and so got to know what was happening here.  My Russian friends saw what was starting and I still remember the question - why would Britain ‘want’ to follow the path Russia had given up?  Sheer lunacy.

It would be lunacy if Brits, en masse, had themselves wanted this in 2020/21 but in fact, they didn’t know what the hell was happening.  The UK govt knew, the Russian govt and people knew, Yuri Bezmenov knew, Svali knew but that didn’t mean the man in the street here did - he had nothing to compare it to, he missed all those little signs.  I didn’t know until it was pointed out by ordinary grandparents and parents over there and could only then see what was going down there and what was starting here.

There was another who’d travelled from Britain to that town and he knew, because he was a British communist who’d been there a long time.  I showed my Russian mate today various articles here, e.g. Johnson now ‘allowing us to meet and greet’ and I asked him if, in the middle of the full-blown USSR, was Moscow issuing decrees on who could and could not hug at home and in which way?

He just laughed.  I mentioned that what we have here is a people who had full-on freedom and so, when it’s taken, it’s not only an encroachment here, an encroachment there, it’s full-on loss in a short time because the undermining has already been long done.  That new generation of godless dumbos, easily manipulated into seeking a new false nirvana is well underway - broken families, screwed values which they can’t possibly know are such unless with some of the old available to compare them to.

There’s no real samizdat, groundswell among the young - this is what Woke deplatforming is about, except that rally here against lockdowns two weekends ago, largely unreported.  

The timeframe of the final push for the old edifice to crumble is remarkably short - about two years.  It needed a catalyst, the catalyst was being arranged from 2018 in labs and at Event 201.  Much earlier there’d been SARS variants.  Mutation need not be invented - mutation is what viruses do.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is biological warfare, no more, no less. Risible statement?  International agreements?  Human rights?  Don’t make me laugh.

I further said to my Russian mate that I bet one day soon, if we want eggs, we’ll have to travel to London to get them, after they’ve been produced locally here, in many towns and then sent to London to be available t the regions if they come and get them.  He laughed grimly, knowing the reference well.  

We had a health service here, now it’s only a Covid service.  He knows about that.  He mentioned India and I said I’m relying on our guys at the site for now to feed us the links, I’ve not yet yet got into the topic.  They have in Russia, it’s a big topic.  They have the same controlled media that we do.  

We pride ourselves on once having had a free media, muckrakers and fearless Woodstein journos.  What bollox - it was controlled before WW2 and so citizens patriotically answered the call.  There was a report I saw decades ago of a recruitment officer, late in the war, at a football stadium on game day.  He requested of his superiors not to be sent on such assignments again because of the abuse he got.

Just as Plod are getting now.

I was in Russia during the ’97/8 crash, it was really something.  Ours here in ’98 was largely cushioned compared to what’s happening now in 2020 to 22 and the crash about to be induced.  Better Brits don’t know what it’s going to be like.  The money I had over there [in $$$] went from 7 or so roubles to the dollar to about 40 but then Yeltsin decreed it would be 34, then it stabilised at 23, irrespective, showing the fiat nature of money.  Balance of payments?  Tell Yeltsin’s ghost.

That nearly wiped out what I had there, but what I had overseas was still all right.  At that point. That does not apply in 2020/21 of course.  Which is why I’m using up my old notes now.  Safeguards?  Yes there are, unless you fail to have a vaxx passport of course.

I was horrified to read Bill Sticker’s latest.  Old chap, ex biker.  Nice chap in Canada. Wife fell for it and had the jab some time back, he was not convinced, put out the sort of thing we do at N.O.  Yesterday, he wrote he’d had it after badgering from his wife.  I am without words and yet what does an old hubby do if his wife withdraws service unless he does get jabbed?  The coercion comes from within the family and circle of friends.

My Russian mate mentioned France and why Le Pen has no chance.  There’s an awful lot of monetary thrall in place.  Well, we knew that.  He knows far more, being close to the action, let’s say.

One last thing.  He was mentioning the deep fatigue in people’s body systems, making sleep sporadic but leading to falling asleep even at 9 a.m.  Precisely my situation and that of people I know in two other countries.  In other words, dot dot dot.  

Even while we were talking, a call came that a young family member had gone down with whatever their variant is.  I mentioned HCQ and zinc, also the Ivermest thingy.  He’d not heard of them.  Knows all about AZ, Pf and Mdna though.  Perfectly safe he thought.

Did I write ‘one last thing’?  Ha ha.  There was another.  He made the point that their people, ours too, used to have family values, work ethic etc.  He has a strong work ethic and sense of free enterprise, always was some on the side as long as someone was loyal to country.  Both he and I were seen as loyalists to our respective countries in days gone by.  Now the new hegemony views us as insurgents, traitors.  For writing posts such as this.

Just as they had their own underground decades ago.  And before that it would be the gulag for us.  I made my own stasi-like comment ... one can always tell one of those old dissidents ... they now listen to Echo Moskvi.  They’re revered by the aging people now, relics of a brave age.

Eyes back on Britain - what of us old dissidents?  Bumped off by an enforced jab some time soon?  Or will the global PTB’s Agenda 21 implode on itself by overreaching? Just as the Millennium push imploded, time was not yet ripe back then.  By 2022, will we be administered by Islington champagne communists?  You can have your food ration by producing your vaxx passport, up to date of course.

By the way - what’s economics anyway?  I was always taught it’s the science of scarcity.  No one told me it was induced scarcity.  Any evidence?  Read the post called Peabody economics.  Read the bible story of Joseph and grain in silos.

Enough.  Forewarned is hardly forearmed but it at least gives perspective, makes one more at one with future vicissitudes.

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