Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tuesday [1 to 3]

3.  Boris might not "give us" our freedom. Whodathunkit?
Fears over the Indian Covid variant – which reports suggest is set to become the dominant strain in the U.K. within days – could mean the June 21st deadline for scrapping all the restrictions is delayed, as the Government says it needs more “time to assess the latest data”

Yes, it was from LDS, not Toby Young. As many pundits are saying - what a surprise!

2.  DR

a.  Clue in title. 


b.  Another one of those pesky coincidences. RIP


1.  Steve

a.  Down the rabbit hole: Not the Secretary of State (Katie Hobbs), Not the Election Vendor (Dominion), and Not the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, NO ONE, Is Admitting Illegally Deleting Files Requested by Senate Auditors 


Live-Stream Video: Panicked Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Hold Monday Meeting Before Tuesday’s Senate Grilling — Starting at 4 PM ET 


Board of Supervisors Special Meeting 5-17-21 

b.  Windham: Windham, New Hampshire Audit Results Show Ample Evidence that Voting Machines Favored Democrats, Are Not Reliable and Cannot be Trusted 


c.  NEW HAMPSHIRE Forensic Election Audit Update: Associate Attorney General Seen Walking Toward Table Covered With “Secured” Ballots At 11:15 PM Before Camera Footage Went Out For An Hour 


d.  Michigan: Matt DePerno BOMBSHELL: Michigan Attorney Says Anyone with Access to Voting Machine Tabulators Can Change an Election 



  1. ""I don't want to start sort of going down the First Amendment route because that's a huge subject and one in which I don't understand because I've only been here a short period of time," Harry said." ....

    ....... "I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers," he continued. "


    What's that saying "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"? You get the drift....

  2. New website https://www.defundglobalism.com/

    Have to see how it goes.

    Here's their aim:

    "Defund Globalism gives you the ability to instantly determine if you’re handing money over to the architects of the Great Reset. Do a quick search for whatever you’re buying and if it’s related to Klaus Schwab and his crew, buy something else and DEFUND ‘EM! Our initial database contains World Economic Forum member companies exclusively, but we’re just getting started."

    Just did a quick search for Proctor and Gamble

    "World Economic Forum Member?
    Related Brands
    All Good, Always, Ariel, Bounce, Bounty, Braun, Cascade, Cheer, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Dreft, ERA, Gain, Gillette, Ivory, Luvs, Olay, Old Spice, Oral B, Pampers, Pantene, PeptoBismol, Puffs, Scope, Tide, Vicks"

  3. It'll be Cullen Skink for lunch. (Just to return to a traditional obsession of this blog.)

    1. Not at lunch. That treat is reserved for dinner. (Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc, since you ask.)