Saturday, May 15, 2021

A few notes this Saturday morning

Late again to the party, hours late.  Never mind, let's start.


Received this from a friend:

James, I get a warning message when I attempt to open and Blogger site, including this, OOL and DTW. Thought you ought to know.

The Google/Firefox Phishing Protection feature (which I have never seen before) has marked your site as "deceptive" with a red banner and warnings of the usual security threats (password, personal details etc).

It offers the option to report this as a mistake which takes me to a Firefox / Google page titled "Report Incorrect Forgery Alert".  Has Google/Firefox made a mistake (ha!) or has someone been playing silly beggars with your blog?

If he's reading this, he'll know why I did not click through the comment[s] through this time - it's nothing personal, just security.  

Do not respond.

Really, that's all I can keep repeating, all the advice I can give.  If a number is being done on me - and last night I lost a key feature of Windows [have now got it back] - then your N1 duty, after your Maker, is to your family, yourself and your computer.

You can keep reading the site from afar with the feed, it's full text - it might cost me in hits but better you still get to read without hassle.  If you're invited to do something which is not usual, then really, you have to be disciplined enough.  Again:

Do not respond to anything unusual, especially invitations.  Under any circumstances.  

By not responding, you're actually doing the right thing by Google or whoever - they would want you taking steps to protect them and the site - that's just logical.

There's a comment by Vox Day later on about this.


It was mentioned before but a few people, too many now, are reporting, privately, that they are so bone weary and there are two responses I can make - one logical and the other left field.


If we're in a certain decade of birth, are of a certain age, then some things are just going to be, aren't they?  If I go at this frenetic pace [for me], at my age, then logically I'm going to crash.

But there are other things too - overweight means possible diabetes and if coupled with heart or COPD or whatever, then the body is going to want to shut down, is it not?  And you must let it do so.  

I've ceased driving for that reason and it's one of the things killing off my boat project for now.  Obviously, I'd only ever sail with crew these days and I do actually have one in the wings.  Govt and EU reg changes are the other in 2021. Just have to see what happens.

As for the testing and the poison jab, you know the view of this blog and most of the readers.

Just as with a child, obey the genuine need, not the petulant want of gratification.  Point is that my mate in Russia was describing how it was with him - sudden need to sleep at 9 a.m., that sort of thing - and uncannily maybe, that is what three otther people in other parts of the world were saying.

Also, stress induced by govt and Them behind govt - that's a major factor in the body/mind/spirit struggling.  That's why the advice of AKH and DR is also important from last evening.  

For my part, I'll try to pepper the bad news with fun or interesting posts, quirky things.  I don't help things by using this numbering system and that's a form of protection but if you're capable of scrolling/clicking out, you'll be all right.  For my part, again, I'll keep horrible things off the blog - sometimes those people use photos or footage of horror to pretend outrage but actually, it's just gratuitous.  You'll not get that here, maybe the occasional glimpse of stocking.

Just on that point - there are three songs coming up and I've held them off for three days, for a stoopid reason - and I'm quite sure my own mind is the only thing at fault here, quite sure you would not have thought there was anything vaguely naughty in it, you sweet innocent.

Which brings us to censorship.

As a big boy [or gal], you don't need my nannying in the least.  At the same time, you've come to expect a certain 'product' at N.O. Inc. and it's my job to keep doing that the way you wish it to continue. 


There've been a few people considering me clever, [unlike Susie in 'Others Say' in the sidebar].

Yeah?  If I was so professor-clever, then why have I ended up as I have, having hashed up most things I've done in RL?  Sure I can string a few words together, big deal, sure I can do the repartee thing.  

That's not 'cleverness' to my my mind.

Last thing

It's a bit of a struggle to do these early posts now and when it comes to late evening, I'm so bone weary by then I'm just crashing of late.  Sorry 'bout that.


That left field explanation I can't be bothered with but shall mention it in Saturday [10] later.


  1. Type2 diabetes is a family trait with the DRs but it can be halted without meds. I speak from experience. This is how I did it after digging through info. Disclaimer - this is not medical advice. It is what worked and continues to work for me.

    First step was to get the guts working properly. A good probiotic usually natural yogurt none of the Activia muck and the like with all sorts of nasties slipped in, including the diabetic's enemy *sugar*. Also a cup of homemade bone broth everyday for about a week.

    I also started to pay attention to what I'd been shovelling down the ol' bone-chute. Esp the carbs. Quite a lot as it turned out. I take the blame for that for listening to the advice we've been given that fat is bad and carbs are filling. Fat is not bad as I came to find out - it is what the body is designed to run on. However, some fats are better than others. Unrefined carbs are the problem-causers. Spuds, white flour and products made from same, white rice, pasta - all the fillers in a meal. Chip butties are definitely out!!!

    To stop me piling the pounds back on I cut out all obvious sugar. The difficult bit was the various forms of sugar manufacturers slip into foods on the sly. The big realisation which was a bit shocking was the fruit juice which I thought was healthy actually equated to several spoonfuls of sugar everyday. Some juices equated to 10 teaspoonfuls per serving. Much better is to ditch the juice and eat the whole fruit.

    This gives the idea

    At the end of the day - to each his/her own.

  2. Re security warning. It has stopped doing it now. It did the same on several other sites on the same day and they are all OK now. Hopefully a glitch somewhere rather than anything sinister.