Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday [2 & 3]

3.  Snippets

a.  Bob M asks them to run this by him again:

Meghan Markle 'willing to forgive royals and move forward' after Philip death, say friends

b.  Sarah Grace:

This time last year I was a conspiracy theorist for saying the vaccine would be mandated worldwide, now I’m a conspiracy theorist for refusing to get one.

c.  Neil Clark:

Johnson’s words are very significant. Unless there’s more opposition, it’s odds on we’re heading for another, even harsher lockdown in the autumn. The #GreatReset demands it.

These were Johnson's words he's referring to:

“The reduction in hospitalisations, deaths and infections has not been achieved by the vaccination programme.  It's the lockdown that has been overwhelmingly important in delivering this improvement in the pandemic"

d.  New York Post:

Daunte Wright shooting: Brooklyn Center city manager fired after call for due process for police officer 

e.  Lockdown Lazarus:

No sooner does Pfeffel reveal that the vax isn’t the way out, than Trudeau and the BBC are bleating the same. “Other measures will be needed.” Marvellous that we’ve been in training for their ‘behavioural interventions‘ for months. The co-ordination is the scariest part.

f.  The ambiguous 'Dick Power':

You see, even this is compliance and also humiliation and control ... I want no part of this. They are laughing at us.. Boycott anywhere that demands this BS.

g.  Quite like this guy First Words, seems it's mutual:

Rand Paul is correct. Fauci is a petty tyrant. And he’s also a traitorous communist.

h.  Toad Unmasked, an old pal:

Finally washed my hands of Andrew Lilico. Anyone who thinks that Matt Hancock and the NHS have come out of Covid smelling of roses has clearly taken leave of his senses Winking face with tongue

i.  T.D.M.:

Do not forget Ashli Babbitt.

j.  Trevor Coult MC:

I’ve just had the @BBC on the phone asking for my help in a documentary about Afghanistan.  I helped you with #OurWar and you won a @BAFTA however you refused to donate to the military charities I asked you to!!  I will not help you AGAIN.

k.  Davey Hugs asked:

If I say "Liverpool" what's the first thing you think of?

I replied:

Europa League.

l.  Darren of Plymouth:

The owner of a cafe accused of breaking coronavirus restrictions is standing for election to #Plymouth City Council. @Deanna4Plympton is fighting back, setting an example for us all, if you live in Plympton make sure you vote May 6th for Deanna.

n.  Girl called Sally - report on her video clip:

[409K followers on Instagram. She was contacted to promoted the vaccine.  Many thousands of dollars if she'll pose getting the jabs and say how easy it was.  She was appalled.]

n.  Nigel Bennett:

I can visit an optician, dentist, podiatrist and even a hairdresser but I cannot visit my GP. This is a national scandal of chronic cowardice & professional misconduct, set up and encouraged  by @mattHancock, the @NHSuk @TheBMA @rcgp & others. More material for @PhilJTelegraph.

o.  Dan Salt:

The most dangerous political group in the world now are the liberals - they've infected every institution in nearly every country - they've redesigned the political and economic system to work for them - and now they are refusing to change anything .

p.  Steve Laws:

Just incase any of you haven't realised, the illegal immigrants who were in hotels, are being placed into homes all over the country. The last illegal I spoke with, was housed in Coventry. They're not getting deported.

q.  Bishop Hill on Johnson:

With Conservatives like this, who needs Marxists?

r.  Neil Clark again:

Let’s face it. Johnson fooled everyone didn’t he? Even those who warned us about him did so on the grounds he was a ‘bungling clown’. But  ‘Boris’ is no clown. He’s a sinister authoritarian who knows exactly what he’s doing. Implementing a dystopian globalist plan. #TheGreatReset

s.  Richard Wellings keeping an eye on the real moves:

High-speed rail is fundamentally uneconomic and has to be propped up by governments. They not only steal land and money from taxpayers to build the lines; they also rig transport markets to shut out competition. #HS2

2. Housekeeping

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  1. 2. The current link to Pizzagate in the sidebar is not the completed one as it stops at comment 95. Here's the complete one

  2. "Triangle" link if you want it.


    and here's the old NOdotcom archive*/*

  4. reference 3, Snippets, c Neil Clark.

    Johnson is just getting ready for the annual re-emergence of flu in the N hemisphere next autumn.

    Isn't it straange that there have been no detected deaths due to flu this year... because the quacks haven't been looking for them. The hopelessly inadequate PCR tests seem to have been picking up odd fragments of flu or cold coronavirus which they flag up as 'COVID', which is why, naturally, as summer draws near, the tests are dropping. Why can non of the testing or vaccine labs provide a complete DNA for this 'COVID'? I am beginning to think "Because it doesn't exist".
    In which case, what is the point of any of the vaccines?

    It may just be my lightheadedness after my first haircut since Oc '20, but something stinks about it all

    Ian J

    1. @Ian J - You are perfectly correct - covid does not exist. This is not a 'conspiracy theory' since you can go and read the documents for yourself.

      We are now over one year further down the road, and covid still has not been isolated or sequenced.

      I have posted these two links many times before but it seems that people either don't understand or don't really want to know.

      Thing is, if covid doesn't exist, its therefore impossible to have a vaccine for it, yet here they are. Think about that one.

  5. Wednesday, 3,s
    I have long had my doubts about the green-ness of railways.
    But for some reason, despite fare prices, they are seen as being good for "the People"
    Correct a journey by a packed train will use less energy than the same number of people in cars.
    But when you consider the number of empty trains running about, either because of lack of passengers or just running empty to get back to service next rush hour, the army of people needed to operate and maintain, plus their transport, heating and maintenance, the fleets of road vehicles needed for maintenance and the tons of high grade steel and copper constantly being replaced, you have to wonder.
    A car only goes somewhere when somebody wants to get there. Then it sits waiting, not needing energy.
    An additional theory of mine is that the cost of anything is mostly if not totally down to the cost of the energy needed to make and deliver it. Plus a bit for profit, interest, taxes and other financial shenanigans.