Thursday, April 22, 2021

Try these

  1. What's significant about Semisopochnoi Island?
  2. Which mountaintop is closest to the moon?
  3. Which nation [not province, state, principality or duchy] has no capital?
  4. Which city - 'Town of our lady the queen of angels of  River Porciúncula'?
  5. Which sea has no coastline?
  6. What is Cholula?
  7. What happened Feb 18, 1979 in the Sahara?  Not rain.


  1. 6. An excellent hot sauce, at least around here. Very versatile without being overly spicy.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. With N7, something fell ... but not rain.

    2. I s[k]now that one.

      I've got me coat.... :)

  3. #1. The most interesting half of Sopochnoi.
    #2. The pimple in the middle of Antoniadi. Unless you mean another Moon.
    #3. Noth American Indian Nation.
    #4. Lost Angeles
    #5. Aral Sea. Tranquility. Any on Mars.
    #6. Winner of the Brits.
    #7. Snowed. The official start of Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Chaos, Climate Emergency, etc.

  4. Robbo:
    1. Part of Russia closest to USA?
    3. Yorkshire
    5. Sargasso sea
    7. Niger beat Maurentania by three wickets

  5. Replies

  6. Steve

    7. What happened Feb 18, 1979 in the Sahara?

    The first time Mark Thatcher went missing - but it was covered up because his Mum was in the running for prime minister.