Thursday, April 08, 2021

Still Thursday

12.  Nice, via haiku

Applies to most industries, where "overload the buyer with features that they don't need" is seen as a plus, [far] outweighing the basic KISS principle of a working solution:

11.  Via Rossa's mother

Says it’s the vaccine that is creating the new variants (mutant) of C19 using the vaccinated body as the Petri dish!

10.  There is radical ... and then there is fake radical

Fake radical, compliant with and furthering the interests of the PTB include Antifa/BLM/violent Greens - latest stunt taking chisels to Barclays and noone - not Plod, not bank security, no one - did anything to stop them.

Real radicals are any quoted somewhere on our blogs and in our tweets and gabs - Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of those.  Josh Hawley, people taking risks.

9.  AK Haart:

As we know, a core problem with the coronavirus debacle is that it may be absurd but is not entirely based on absurdities. The virus is real, poses a moderate but serious risk to the old and vulnerable and is easily transmitted from person to person. The virus is not absurd - but for the developed world it is far from a catastrophically destructive pandemic.

The horror part is that it is a designer virus. Mengeles in the lab observe that it has not wiped out on the scale they'd hoped, so they tweak the old one and release it.  In terms of effect on us, it follows the pattern AKH mentions.  Tends to die off under intense Vitamin D outside.

Sackers on the situation in Portugal:

8.  Nice piece from The Slog

The key thing both Blair and Cameron had in common was their willingness to see Ten Downing Street as merely a leg up (from the mythical "level playing field") to where the real power lies....with the Secret Surveillance States, the mainstream media and neocon globalism.

Well-groomed in this reality by the Home Office in general and Chief Spook Sir Mark Sedwill, the next Prime Minister ('crowned' by deeply suspicious acclaim) Theresa May acquiesced in the Olly Robbins Brexit 'coup' and did her utmost to sell a Withdrawal Agreement that was little short of an abject surrender to the Left's love affair with all things Brussels. 

Juncker, Barnier and Macron were, of course, on the same side as May: as they sold utterly unworkable European federalism with easily-dismissed twaddle about the EU being "a force for peace", so too May insisted that her WA was "faithful to the aim of full Brexit". 

Both assertions were palpably untrue, but the Remoanoid propaganda machine supported her.....while demanding a second referendum. As cognitive dissonance goes, such was a Mr Magoo epic.

Having badly mishandled her attempt at a snap election, May was forced into a support deal with the Ulster Unionists, and had to let more Leavers into the Cabinet....most notably Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. 

She herself had already confirmed her defection to the Global cabal by bombing Syrian "chemical warfare factories" without reference to Parliament, but Global Spider Johnson led the way into the Skripal poisoning farce by signing up to (and lying about) more chemical warfare hokum. It showed he was up for US demonisation of Russia and Putin.

7.  Open letter from Andrew Torba

There are many reasons that the Oligarchs fear Christianity. Their attacks on Christians started shortly after the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on January 6th. 

Suddenly Christian Nationalism was a “threat to our democracy.” 

Radicalized Christian nationalism is one of the biggest threats facing the US” wrote Business Insider. 

Give me a break. 

Their latest attack against Christians is the fact that many of us refuse to get jabbed with an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99% survival rate among the vast majority of the population. 

White Evangelical Resistance Is Obstacle in Vaccination Effort” according to the New York Times. 

“Christian nationalism is a barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19” wrote the dimwits at The Conversation.

These people love any excuse to demonize white people and Christianity.

Meanwhile the Big Tech overlords at Facebook are “fact-checking” posts from people who are dying from the vaccine. Mark Zuckerberg is also partnering with the government to socially shame those who decide to not get the experimental vaccine with “Vaccine Verified” profiles. Since when is our medical history Facebook’s business? 

The great irony here is that Zuckerberg himself isn’t vaccinated, “yet.” Maybe he just doesn’t want to risk his skin peeling off in reaction to the Covid shot. Or perhaps it’s the clear link between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots in brain. 

Does Zuckerberg think that getting the Moderna vaccine, which works for “at least” six months, isn’t really worth the risks? I don’t blame him!

Risks aside, Christians also face a moral dilemma with regard to the fact that “fetal-cell lines played a vital role in the development of all three vaccines.” Perhaps this is why the vaccine, like abortion, has become a de facto religious ceremony for the followers of the demonic critical theory religion that is sweeping Western society. 

Do you remember anyone ever virtue signaling online about getting a flu shot in the past? I sure don’t. Suddenly it’s “cool” and “hip” to let the entire world know about your medical history as a sign of your commitment to the “cause” of oligarchic tyranny. 

How utterly stupid and foolish. 

In other news: half of Americans support a “vaccine passport,”which means our society is rapidly fragmenting into two distinct economies: the economy of sane and rational people who do not want an experimental vaccine injected into their body and those who handed over their bodily autonomy as a science experiment so things could “go back to normal.” 

Newsflash: things are never going back to normal, just like they didn’t after 9/11. 

This is one of the many reasons I have been pushing Christians to start building our own economy separate from all of this madness. Soon enough, we won’t have any other choice. 

Ultimately the Oligarchs in power want us all worshipping the State, “stuff” and “science” ... Christians and God stand in their way of total and complete control. The experimental vaccine isn’t about health and it isn’t about politics. It’s about power. 

The CofE, for a long time, was seen as the Tory Party at prayer, the Catholics equally pointy-hatted.  The laity was always where devoutness was to be found.  What's the threat to the Synod or that the Synod poses to the PTB?  Nothing - there is no threat, they're hand-in-glove with the death cult and Kabbalists alike.

It's the Christian laity who are the issue, with Joan of Arc maybe as one of their patron saints.  Why?  Because these people are stirrers, radicals in the sense they get down to the roots of things.  They know right from wrong.  They know their Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, know their Ephesians 5 and 6. Know Revelation.  


  1. This a.m. I heard from the two people I know who've had both instalments of the arm-poke here. Both had reactions after the second shot. Mrs Guinea-Pig had severe headache and flu-like symptoms for several days after. Mr Guinea-Pig still has ongoing muscular problems which he likened to too much heavy lifting over a prolonged period. It is over a month since shot #2. Mrs G-P still too afraid to leave her home "just in case". Mr G-P therefore has to do all the household errands alone.

  2. Steve

    A very convenient pandemic

  3. This was in regard to children being vaccinated. Nevertheless worth knowing what ECHR is up to.

  4. "Do you remember anyone ever virtue signaling online about getting a flu shot in the past? I sure don’t. Suddenly it’s “cool” and “hip” to let the entire world know about your medical history as a sign of your commitment to the “cause” of oligarchic tyranny. "

    There has been a new word coined to describe these people, its in the Urban Dictionary... 'Vaxholes'.