Thursday, July 16, 2009

[melancholy] can soothe the savage breast


  1. I had never heard of Leonard cohen till i met Geoff then i fell in love with him too lol you have just reminded me that i got his new c/d and was unable to listen to it while Geoff was travelling .. time to go find it i think :-)

    Brill song BTW

  2. I recall this sonmg being skated to at an Olympics one year and the male skater turned it into a hilarious routine. I think he was also dressed rather clown-like.
    Great song.

  3. Another blogger had posted, Leonard Cohen singing the Tennessee Waltz. Not too bad, really.

  4. Now you're talking my language James.
    Saw him play at the O2 last year - sublime!

  5. Higham, your freaky coincidences are too much at this time of day and after a long hard week that is not yet over. I enjoy Leonard Cohen's work but what struck a chord was that a colleague who left the office today was lucky enough to be offered a free ticket to see him in Manchester the other night.

    By all accounts it was an excellent evening.

  6. I'm told that he's as good as ever but with that gravelly voice, age would be no impediment.


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