Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[pornography] keeping it where it belongs

It’s hard to get sound stats on the explosion of porn around the world but here are some articles about it.

These things tend to be dry and boring but to go anecdotal is also fraught, for obvious reasons. It comes down to how much you care, in the end. It’s so widespread that even religious groups are trying to come to terms with it as to how much and what type is acceptable.

I think I’d like to step back from moral judgements and just urge all men [and women], boys [and girls] to start boycotting any images or categories which depict the type of young lady in the pic above, the one who was murdered. Start boycotting the webcams, don’t post them, don’t view them.

Idealistic, yes, but …

If we were to pull the rug from under the young market and concentrate more on the Milfs and the like, then market forces would surely prevail and kids would not be drawn in to the same extent. We could start a campaign ‘Milfs, not Teens’ or some such.

You might say, ‘Let’s wipe it out altogether.’ You can’t – it’s human nature for men [and women] to try to cater for the libido. Even being married is not going to help that – look at the stats on the most common age range of porn viewers; these are more often than not married.

Sexuality is too powerful to control. Of course I’d be tempted to see that girl in the pic unclad but when it involves multiple men and even farm animals with her, somewhere the line has to be drawn. And that’s the most frightening thing today – how young they are doing things which twenty years ago would have been the preserve of scaggy whores.

I hate to defend old-time pornographers from decades ago but at least they portrayed women in those pics, not children. There just wasn’t the broad market for kiddy porn then which there is these days.

At least a boycott might be a start.


  1. I know nothing about this girl or her murder. How old was she?

  2. Promotion of underage people in this way is unacceptable.

  3. Alison, thanks, Cherie, agreed.

    Uber - she was legally old enough but I still think she was too young and the climate promotes girls giving it away this way today. In an avaricious society, with no moral code to provide compunction any more, with the current economic climate and with an industry in place to feed off young girls, this is the true evil behind it.

    You'll notice that no men commented here. significant, eh?


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