Tuesday, February 03, 2009

[won’t get fooled again] or will we

The essential difference between the last world war and the one they’re currently leading us into is the consciousness of the people.

People largely accepted that WW2 was Hitler’s doing and that we were the innocent, in grave danger of being overrun by the murderous savages. Therefore we were willing to sign on and throw ourselves in the path of crossfire for G-d, Queen [King - thanks, dearieme] and country.

At the other end of the spectrum, the communists were steadfastly trotting out Marx’s impossible theorem, with its clandestine underlying agenda of the same enslavement that Hitler was hell bent on. Class war was convenient because it promoted, in one fell swoop:

1. the politics of envy;
2. diminution of the family in favour of the state;
3. removal of incentive and initiative;
4. creation of the preconditions for enslavement.

So it didn’t matter which way it happened, on either side of politics – the common man was for the chop. He’d been nicely set up.

IG Farben is a good example of how the people behind the governments they influence have no morality or patriotism whatsoever:

In 1930, Standard Oil announced that it had purchased an alcohol monopoly in Germany, a deal which had been set up by I.G. Farben. After Hitler came to power, John D. Rockefeller assigned his personal press agent, Ivy Lee, to Hitler to serve as a full- time adviser on the rearmament of Germany, a necessary step for setting up World War II.

Standard Oil then built large refineries in Germany for the Nazis and continued to supply them with oil during World War II. In the 1930s Standard Oil was receiving in payment from Germany large shipments of musical instruments and ships which had been built in German yards.
I.G. officials, seeing the handwriting on the wall, began a close association with Adolf Hitler, supplying much needed funds and political influence.

The success of the I.G. Farben cartel had aroused the interest of other industrialists. Henry Ford was favorably impressed and set up a German branch of Ford Motor Company. Forty per cent of the stock was purchased by I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben then established an American subsidiary, called American I.G., in cooperation with Standard Oil of New Jersey.
Its directors included Walter Teagle, president of Standard Oil, Paul Warburg of Kuhn Loeb & Company and Edsel Ford, representing the Ford interests.

John Foster Dulles, for the law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, became the attorney for I.G., frequently traveling between New York and Berlin on cartel business. His law partner, Arthur Dean, is now director of the $40 million Teagle Foundation which was set up before Teagle's death.

Business is business but mothers’ sons lying in blood and mud for no good reason is another question. There is no justification for war whatsoever except to enrich the military industrial cartels. To say it’s to protect freedom is so disingenuous as to be labelled evil.

There are ample tools through trade and diplomacy to offset any war – I’ve seen this at first hand – and the only reason a dictator remains in power and devastates a country is because of the collusion of outside elements for whom it is politically expedient.

The internet is a great medium for exposing and detailing the criminality of those who purportedly ‘lead’ us. Prior to WW2, there were no doubt people who had tumbled to the truth but of course, they had no outlet for expression. Now we have that but has the populace as a whole, woken up? Have they hell.

The average householder today is preoccupied with holding on to his mortgage and his job, trying to come to terms with his credit debt and putting the right refuse in the right bins, before paying homage, at the palaces of shopping, to the new god Consumerism.

Is he going to refuse to go off and fight those naughty terrorist infidels which the MSM insists are hell bent on reducing us to a condition of religious enslavement and slit throats? If he’s told that it is patriotic to be dictated to by the ruthless shells above and women are sent with white feathers to harangue any who won’t swallow this pap, he’ll meekly fall in line, won’t he?

The greatest crime of the soulless elite is that it takes a truth, e.g. that there is climate change and Gorizes it into an untruth or else it takes universal human weaknesses – ambition, lust for power and sex, envy, pride and the desire to be loved and find inner peace – then perverts and bastardizes them into a twisted parody, in a spirit of deep cynicism and sound business principles.

An example is the ‘poverty industry’:

The Rockefeller Foundation created a number of spin-off groups, which now plague the nation with a host of ills, one of them being the Social Science Research Council, which single-handedly spawned the nationwide “poverty industry,” a business which expends some $130 billion a year of taxpayer funds while grossing some $6 billion income for its practitioners.

The money, which would amply feed and house all of the nation's “poor,” is dissipated through a vast administrative network which awards generous concessions to a host of parasitic “consultants”.

Anything these people touch turns to dirt and human misery is exploited for its possibilities of revenue. Ditto your government.

Now, will “the people” wake up to this before the next war arrives, using the internet to discover what is really going down? What percentage, even with this wonderful tool, are ever going to wake up?


  1. "for G-d, Queen and country": King, old fruit.

    "handwriting on the wall": why do Americans insert that daft "hand"? Do they suppose that typewriting was an option?

  2. I'm baffled - why does American trade with Germany in the 30s constitute unpatriotism? Surely that's just a feeble hindsight argument.

  3. Ah. I wonder whether a large part of the argument that you quote is based on being slippery about what is meant by WWII. For the British it started in the summer of '39, but for the Yanks it started only in December '41. So one can accuse US firms of trading with Germany during WWII even though it wasn't WWII for them. I suspect that there's a dishonest argument there.

  4. Dearieme 1


    Dearieme 2

    They knew the writing was on the wall.

    Dearieme 3

    They traded with and profited from an economy whose purpose was to involve their nation in war. You can't tell me they were totally unaware of Hitler's likely route.

  5. At the time, Hitler appeared to offer (and indeed provided for a short while) stability, optimism and hope for Germany even though Nazi economics was essentially a Ponzi scheme. It is natural and sensible for companies to seek to be on good terms with governments. Many reasonable people at the time thought the reoccupation of the Rhineland, rearmament, the Austrian Anschluss, the Sudeten Question were in line with Wilson's principle of national self-determination and that Germany was undoing the unfair terms of the Versailles Treaty imposed on Germany by the victorious vindictive allies. Also remember that a strong Germany was welcomed as a market and a bulwark against the Soviet Union. As to being unaware of Hitler's likely route, the Nazis cunningly began by clamping down on the most unpopular people first, communists, trade unionists, socialists, the media, avant garde artists etc and then used patriotism to cloak the anti-Jewish racial purity laws. It was rather like slowly boiling a frog. Thus evil crept forward in the shadows and by the time the world became aware of some of the threat to peace and humanity posed by Nazi Germany it was too late. But it was at that time that Stalin agreed the Nazi-Soviet Pact.
    As to when WW2 started, may I suggest 1931 when the Japanese invaded Manchuria?

  6. Well plenty of people were unaware that Hitler would declare war on America! But lets set down some practical steps here- what would your alternative policy have been in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland, or in 1940 when he invaded France- were you Prime Minister James, what would you have done?

    Or lets take a more interesting example what would you do now about global warming? Then we can compare your proposals to other proposals- everyone could accuse everyone of having a shadowy group behind them- but what about comparing actual plans of action. What are yours for global warming? Do you advocate we cut greenhouse gases? If so which ones and how?

  7. War is sometimes necessary and always in pure self-defence. In the strictest terms, neither World War was self-defence for the UK.

    The Manchuria conflict that Gallimaufry mentions is a matter of semantics, surely. Germany with Japan and Italy were the parties of the Second World War whereas the Sino-Japanese conflict had been rumbling (with British support) for a long time.

  8. I don't believe in war at all, but sadly it is sometimes necessary or at least the threat of it.

    If you can't get anywhere with diplomacy because the other side won't talk what is the next action?

  9. You are somewhat side-stepping the atmosphere of paranoia over the rise of communism in the East that prevailed. Hitler seemed a good, strong antidote to it. Lets face it, if we hadn't been fighting Adolf we probably would have ended-up fighting Joseph instead.

  10. Tiberius, I would have done as Churchill did only after we tried to assassinate the bstd.

    The other points are good and I agree it's not clearcut. It's academic anyway if war is avoidable. "Them" at the top want it.


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