Tuesday, February 03, 2009

[snow] and the ebbing of dull care

Did you have the snow? It might sound a stupid question but with no daily news input here, I can only assume you did.

What is it about snow that makes it almost as important as the touch of a woman or sailing a boat, skiing down a mountain or walking through the forest? When it’s with you, it’s so soothing, so restful, so fulfilling and dull care fades away, in a fairytale landscape.

Also, like a good woman, snow can inspire you to heights, stir the creative urge and lead you to achieve great things.

So the theory goes.


  1. I didn't have nearly enough snow. I was hoping to be snowed in and not have to go to work. Then I would have wrapped up warm and trudged out with my camera to get some photos.

    I love the snow, I have fond memories of real winters, which we haven't seen for years.

  2. It can also cause you to slip and break your leg. My kids have never seen snow for real. One day.

  3. Yep, Cherie, I wanted that too but was still grateful for what we had.

    CUS, that makes a whole bunch of us.

    Colin, take them to the Alice Springs ski fields.


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