Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[thought for the day] monday evening

Would you - back to the rustic village life?

You might like to view this as a fuller take on the issue. Consider:

The hankering after a presumed idyllic rustic past seems to be something that townies of various sorts hanker after. It isn't a new desire either. From all those 18th century philosphers and the "noble savage" to Tolkein with his hobbits, the desire to throw off the shackles of nasty urban life and return to something simpler has a long literary tradition.

It is also, pardon my French, Nucking Futs. Rustic life requires one to be occupied in a way that is 100% opposite to Pterry's prefered job description (indoors and no heavy lifting). Rustic life is hard grind.


  1. It makes for a nice vacation, but I wouldn't want to live that way permanently.

  2. village life would be too bustling for me lol

  3. With access to the internet, phone, mobile, radio, cable sat and terrestrial tv? With the avilablity of cars, buses, coaches, trains, taxis? With Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl etc almost everywhere? Of course we would - and DV we will. Just choose somewhere in or near a market town.

  4. Yes, with a motorbike, a market town within range and the internet, it wouldn't be so bad - not too bustling. I could live that way permanently.

  5. no way! don't want my children marrying relatives

  6. Dirty Dingus echoes my feelings exactly. That kind of life looks great to people who have never had to live that way.


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