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[dealey plaza] eliminating disinformation

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I'd always been for the grassy knoll and the Dal-Tex building because of the man who'd been found in there during the shooting. Then I read a couple of quite cogent pieces on why Oswald could have done all three shots and now believed the One Gunman theory.

A glance at the map above and pics below shows that he could have made the shots but it would have been damned difficult from that window. Why wouldn't he have been from the window at the other end of the 6th floor [where witnesses said they saw someone anyway]?

The thing is, even expert investigators can't agree so the only thing is to go through it all again, viewing as much primary evidence as possible, e.g. Zapruder. I have to say, after last evening, that it now seems clearer.

You make your own judgements, after viewing this material:

Dealey Plaza and the Book Depository

Dealey plaza gif.
Dealey plaza shots [click on them for zoom].


Garrison appears to be wrong, as the maps were indeed printed with the correct route but the next day, the Morning News printed the wrong route yet again. The Times-Herald kept it as Elm right through:

Dallas Morning News Wednesday, November 20, 1963 ~ page 1

Yarborough Invited To Travel With JFK by Carl Freund

"A security car will lead the motorcade which will travel on Mockingbird Lane, Lemmon Avenue, Turtle Creek Boulevard, Cedar Springs, Harwood, Main and Stemmons Freeway."

Dallas Morning News.
Dallas Times-Herald.
Here is the description in the Dallas Morning News.
Here is the description in the Dallas Times-Herald.
Check parts 1 to 4 for the altered security arrangements.
Select Committee report [1979] on arrangements, inc. motorcade [104-106].

Notes: Obviously confusion over the route but by November 19th, it had been cleared up. Lack of security for Kennedy in that section quite unusual. Buildings not checked beforehand either.

The Assassination

Version 1, showing the two shots.

First time Zapruder was shown in 1975.

Closeup of the second head shot and Jackie Kennedy's reaction.

Notes: Some have stated the head goes forward a micro-second before going back. Some have said the bulge at the back of the head was painted onto the Zapruder film later. You decide if the head went back or forward as well as the angle of the shot. Also, there is some evidence the Zapruder film was doctored.

Why did Jacquie crawl back over the trunk? Check the right arm movement. Also the crack in the windscreen [not on film]. Check the Dealey Plaza map at the top of the post again. Work out what angle the bullet would have come in at.

Possible snipers


The storm drain/sewer theory. This youtube no longer appears to be up. However, I found this wmv. Damn because the original vid showed a man actually taking the cover off and climbing down, then exiting from a place a hundred metres or so away. It was reenacted. In the wmv, the car's going way too fast - Kennedy's was almost stopped at the time after the first shot. The shot is difficult but possible from down low and easy enough if the cover had been taken off.

Notes: Also check Dealey Plaza map again. For Badgeman - it does seem a human head. Against - the angle seems wrong for where the limo was, past the Freeway sign. For - someone wrote that for Badgeman to have done that damage on JFK, the recoil of the weapon would have been too much. Badgeman seems to have fired [judging by police and crowd reaction] but perhaps not the fatal shot.

On the other hand, for Sewer Man, it would have been almost point blank, plus the angles match. I don't think he would have been half out of the manhole, as the film contends - he would have entered the same way as he exited - through the drain and fired through the gap at street level. It may have been that he was just the last resort shooter if all else failed.


Teague testimony.
Teague and the echoes.

Notes: Teague was certain hit by debris [check map again] and that indicates either a shot from the Dal-Tex or by Oswald [check Dealey Plaza pics again].


The Bell film, showing witnesses running up the grassy knoll.

Notes: This one is a puzzle. Over half said that the shots came from the TSBD but that includes people not near the grassy knoll. The crowd behaviour was strange. An anti-knoll theorist said that the crowd only ran up on to the knoll a full minute after the shooting and were following a policeman who'd arrived late and had run up there. I say, "Well?"

Look at it this way. If you were in that crowd and the shot that hit Kennedy seemed to come from behind and up [the TSBD], what would your reaction have been? Hit the deck? Hide behind a tree? Run away from the scene? If the shot had come from the grassy knoll or the drain, would you have run towards the gunman?

Also, look at the scene again. Some people are just walking on by, quite casually.

The security men

Here is driver Greer's view.
Here is Kellerman's statement.
Security man called away.

Conclusion: Oswald could well have fired the back of the neck shot, the Teague shot may have been from Oswald or Dal-Tex, the Connally shot I don't know, the windscreen I don't know, Sewer Man probably for the fatal shot but as the wmv shows, the side of the car is high and Kennedy was leaning slightly inwards.

The thing is, the shot had to have come from somewhere. The limo seemed to have passed Badgeman so it had to have come from somewhere front and side, and fairly low down. If we can't accept Sewer Man, then from somewhere else in the drain. The Moorman polaroid seems a bit early for the fatal shot.

Finally, any ideas why?


  1. I need to come back to this one when I have more time!

  2. James

    Thanks for this excellent post. Think it'll take me through the hols to follow everything.

    How on earth do you have the time to research this and so many other subjects? Extraordinary.

  3. I always thought it too convenient that Oswald was killed before questioning, and on life tv to make it indisputable.

    I never believed it was him.

    The Kennedy's were not so wholesome and Marilyn, as we know, wasn't the only girlfriend to meet an untimely death.

  4. I think, Cherie, Calum and Uber, that I just get interested in something, then the anomalies appear and I think, "Hang on, that's not right," and then I follow the leads.

    Not unlike yourselves.

  5. "Hang on, that's not right,"

    That is a thought I have quite often, which always results in a bit of research!

  6. Where is the map from? Who made it? I've been looking for a high resolution version of it with no luck.

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