Friday, November 21, 2008

[which spaceship] the coolest in the cosmos

Some prefer the ship human made, sleek, gunmetal grey and ready to kick butt, such as the Excalibur above ...

Some prefer their ships more free form, which you can only really get if designed by aliens, such as with the Firebird above ...

Some prefer a ship on a more grandiose scale, such as the Star Destroyer above ...

... and some prefer their ship in variable geometric form, such as the Borg Cube above.

Which do you think is the coolest ship in the cosmos?  If you answer, could you give us a link, using the ahref html way?


  1. The Heart of Gold, of course, captained by Zaphod Beeblebrox.

  2. I prefer he Firebird made by aliens, providing it has internet connection. :)

  3. The Goa'uld Ha'tak from Stargate SG-1. This is the best I could find on short notice - hope it works!

  4. Heart of Gold was cool but had no defined shape except for being black and sleek. the improbability drive was neat.

    The Lexx - yes. I'll explore that - planet destroyer.

    Firebird perhaps.

    Ha'tak - not much good against Anubis's mother ship though, DD.

  5. The firebird is actually a Romulan D'deridex-class Warbird.

  6. Another of my favs is the Rommulan ship from Nemesis. The Scimitar.

  7. While the Excalibur was put together by a human-led team, it was built by the Rangers (mainly Human and Minbari, but with recruits from throughout the Interstellar Alliance) using a combination of Vorlon and Minbari technology.

    Just thought that needed to be said.

    While it may be stretching the definition of ship a little, my personal favourite has to be the TARDIS.

  8. Thank you, gents.

    Pic of the scimitar as a post now.

    The Lexx - a bit nasty, that one.


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